All About Madelaine Brockway Husband, Parents, Wedding, and Net Worth

All About Madelaine Brockway, Husband, Parents, Wedding, and Net Worth: Madelaine Brockway is a prominent entrepreneur. She is known to the world for her lavish lifestyle and her involvement with prominent figures in the business industry. Despite maintaining a low profile, she has been under the spotlight because of her extravagant marriage in the Palace of Versailles. She was born and brought up in a wealthy family and has been always surrounded by luxury. Let us know more about her wedding and parents.

Madelaine Brockway’s Husband and Wedding:

Madelaine Brockway has recently tied the knot with Jacob Lograne. He is based in Nashville and associated with the sports teams. He is the sports team talent coordinator and even an operations assistant. They got married on 18 November in the Palace of Versailles, France. In addition, the couple were engaged in the previous Christmas. In a video shared by Lauren Zigman on the internet, it has been shown that the lunch party took place in Chanel, followed by the marriage in the Palace of Versailles. There was even a private concert by the Maroon 5 singer Adam Levine and many more highlights of the wedding. Jacom Lograne is thought to have accumulated a lot of fortune fitting their luxurious lifestyle.

In addition, they previously had parties in Paris. In addition, they even had a space-themed bachelorette in Amangiri and a rehearsal dinner in the Opera House. Their wedding was immersed in luxury. It has even been the talk of the town as many prominent celebrities attended it.

Madelaine Brockway Parents:

Madelaine was born and brought up in Miami, Florida, United States of America. Her parents’ name is Bob and Paula Brockway. She has enjoyed a comfortable childhood because of her parents. Bob is the chairperson and CEO of Bill Ussery Motors. His responsibilities involve overseeing the dealerships of Mercedes-Benz which includes the F1 drivers like Lewis Hamilton. Their family has been a part of many headlines and has even acquired multiple deals worth 700 million USD.

At the same time, Paula Brockway has been involved in the school board, fashion galas, and numerous charity events. They are committed to luxury and philanthropy.

Madelaine is not the only child of their parents. She has a sister named Edith Brockway and the duo shares an intimate bond with each other. Edith is an outstanding student. She has actively participated in many fundraising events for leukemia and various other awareness programs. They have an age gap of ten years. However, they still maintain a close relationship with each other. She has a brother named William Cole.

Madelaine Brockway Net Worth:

Madelaine has been a part of many businesses and has established herself as an entrepreneur. However, she has not yet revealed her net worth. Furthermore, her extravagant wedding shows that she has a massive net fortune and lives a luxurious life.

Some Lesser Known Facts About Madelaine Brockway:

  • She was born and brought up in Miami, Florida, USA.
  • She is 26 years old as of 2023.
  • She and her sister have a ten-year age gap. Despite that, they share a close relationship with each other.
  • The Brockway family is actively involved in philanthropy and has raised awareness for many causes.
  • She is a self-employed entrepreneur.

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