Annette Davis (Jordan Clarkson’s Mother): Wiki, Bio, Age, Husband

Annette Davis (Jordan Clarkson’s Mother): Wiki, Bio, Age, Husband, Ethnicity, Height, Family, Profession, Children: Annette Davis is the mother of famous basketball player Jordan Clarkson. As the son of Annette Davis, Jordan Clarkson exhibits exceptional basketball skills. As an expert, he represents the Utah Jazz in the NBA. During his time in school, he honed his basketball talents. Now, he competes at the highest level in the NBA. In this article, we will talk about Jordan’s mother Annette Davis who is getting in the limelight due to his son’s success. So, Let’s start!

Who is Annette Davis?

Annette Tulao Davis is the mother of famous basketball player Jordan Clarkson. As a profession, she was in the Air Force of the US.

Annette Davis Height, Weight & Age:

Meet Annette, who hails from the Philippines. We’re not sure about her birthday, but Annette Davis is likely between 40 to 50 years old. Her height, weight, and more info are missing for now, but we’re working to inform these details soon!

Annette Davis Nationality and Ethnicity:

Annette Davis holds American nationality. She’s part of the white ethnicity group. Although, she is a very talented and hard-working woman who is a single parent of her child.

Annette Davis Early life and Education:

Annette is Jordan Clarkson’s mother, and she really likes to keep to herself. Her own mom, Marcelina Tullao Kingsolver, comes from Bacolor, Pampanga in the Philippines. Annette Davis is from America. Even though her parents are from the Philippines, she feels more like she’s from America. This could be because of her dad marrying her mom. That’s why she feels like she’s American.

Unfortunately, We don’t know from where studied her primary and secondary education. And also we don’t know about her higher education that from where she has completed her graduation.

Annette Davis Career:

Annette Davis (Jordan Clarkson's Mother)

Both of Jordan’s parents served in the aviation branch of the US military. When Jordan was a kid, Annette got separated from her husband at a young age. We don’t know the name of Annette Davis’ current husband yet. Her ex-husband’s name is Mike Clarkson. They used to be married, but now they aren’t. They both worked in the same flying group in the military. That might be why they liked each other. Annette and Mike were in the flying group together, doing similar jobs. It’s possible that’s why they felt a connection.

Annette Davis Husband and Family:

Annette’s ex-husband’s name is Mike. Mike and Davis went their separate ways when Jordan was little. Mike got married to Janie Clarkson when he was older and they moved to Texas with Jordan, who was just six. Annette Davis’ Instagram account is gone now. She’s a person who can’t be reached easily. She wants to stay away from the news. You can’t find her on other online places either. Jordan is hardly seen with Annette, and there’s not much we know about her.

Annette Davis Net Worth:

Unfortunately, the information on Annette’s net worth is not known right now. We’ll update her net worth as soon as we get any information.

Information Table:

Annette Davis (Jordan Clarkson's Mother)

Here is the full bio of Annette, her family, mother, father, Brother, name, age, height in feet, wide, body measurement, Boyfriend, Birthplace, high school, Interest, nationality, Instagram, why is she famous, income network, birthyear, zodiac sign, education, Hometown, Net Worth.

Information Details
Real Name Annette Davis
Gender Female
Age 40-50
Year of Birth Not Known
Birthplace Philippines
Nationality American
Hometown Bacolor, Pampanga
Profession Former recruit in US military’s aviation branch
Height Not Known
Weight Not Known
Ethnicity/Race Blended
Zodiac Sign Not Known
Marital Status Divorced (Current Husband Name not Known)
University Not Known
Parents Marcelina Tullao Kingsolver
Famous For Her son Jordan Clarkson, NBA’s Utah Jazz player
Ex-Husband Mike Clarkson
Children with Ex-Husband Jordan Clarkson
Siblings Not Known
Net Worth Not Known

Social Media Accounts:

She’s not active in any Social Media.

Some Less-Known Facts About Annette:

  • Annette was part of the Air Force of the United States as her profession.
  • She is the mother of the accomplished NBA player, Jordan Clarkson.
  • Annette hails from the Philippines and is likely between the ages of 40 to 50.
  • Her own mother, Marcelina Tullao Kingsolver, is from Bacolor, Pampanga in the Philippines.
  • Annette’s ex-husband’s name is Mike Clarkson, and they both served in the aviation branch of the US military.
  • Despite her Filipino roots, Annette considers herself more American due to her parents’ marriage.


1. Who is Annette Davis?

Annette Davis is the mother of NBA player Jordan Clarkson.

2. What was Annette’s profession?

She served in the Air Force of the United States.

3. Where is Annette from?

She hails from the Philippines.

4. How old is Annette?

Her age is estimated to be between 40 to 50.

5. Who is Jordan Clarkson’s father?

Jordan’s father is Mike Clarkson.

6. What branch of the military did Annette and Mike serve in?

Both served in the aviation branch of the US military.

7. Where is Annette’s ex-husband Mike now?

Details about Mike Clarkson’s current whereabouts are unknown.

8. Why is Annette not often seen with Jordan?

She prefers to maintain a low profile and stay away from the media.

9. What is known about Annette’s net worth?

Information about her net worth is currently unavailable.

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