Who is Brittany Rescigno? Biography, Wiki, Age, Wife, Net Worth

Meet Brittany Rescigno, a well-known media personality, businesswoman, and professional chef. She initially rose to stardom in 2019 after triumphing in the Chopped television cooking competition. She has a sizable following on Instagram, where she posts pictures of her food creations and updates on her life.

Full Interview with Chopped Winner, Chef Brittany Rescigno

Brittany, the daughter of Jeffrey Rescigno and Theresa Thompson, was born in New Jersey in 1984. Brittany frequently posts pictures of her father, who is also a chef, on Instagram. She and her wife relocated to California, but she regularly writes on her blog about her mother and grandmother who still resides in New Jersey.

Jersey Shore chef Britt Rescigno takes on Food Network champions

Brittany is roughly 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighs 80 kilogrammes. Before enrolling in The Culinary Institute of America, where she received her Associate’s degree in Culinary Arts from 2007 to 2009, she finished her high school education in her hometown.

As a public personality, Brittany solely has a presence on Instagram, where she has amassed over 18.4K followers. She writes blog pieces about her personal life, cooking, and paying respect to her loved ones.

Brittany is an American citizen of white origin who practises Christianity as her particular faith. She was born in the late 1980s, however, her precise birthdate and zodiac sign are still unclear. She is currently in her 30s.

Personal Life

In her early years, when she was learning to cook with her mother and grandmother, Brittany Rescigno developed a passion for food that has lasted her whole life. Since then, she has developed her enthusiasm for cooking by pursuing formal schooling and gaining practical experience in a variety of eateries and catering businesses.

Humanitarian Activities

Rescigno not only works as a chef but is a fervent supporter of inclusion and diversity in the food sector. She is committed to advancing women into leadership positions and has participated in a number of charity causes, such as activities to raise money for cancer research and to aid neighbourhood food pantries. Her dedication to having a positive effect on her neighbourhood is genuinely admirable.

Rescigno is an entrepreneur who is focused on creating her own brand and starting a restaurant. She wants to design a place where she can display her distinctive culinary style and offer a warm atmosphere for all visitors. It is obvious that Brittany Rescigno will have a significant effect on the culinary industry in the years to come given her ability, commitment, and ambition.

Today’s world has made the culinary profession more competitive than ever, and success now requires more than just ability and skill. Rescigno stands out among her colleagues for her commitment to advancing diversity and inclusion in the business.

She aggressively promotes women in senior positions in the culinary business, which helps everyone by fostering a more diverse and equal workplace. Rescigno’s determination to establish her brand and launch her own restaurant demonstrates her entrepreneurial spirit by demonstrating that she isn’t content to merely imitate others. She is inspired to take chances and go for her aspirations by her love of food and her desire to provide her customers with a one-of-a-kind gourmet experience.

Nevertheless, Brittany Rescigno’s personal life is evidence of her love of food, dedication to advancing diversity and inclusion in the culinary business, and desire to be a successful entrepreneur.

Brittany Rescigno’s Family

Jeffrey Rescigno and Theresa Thompson welcomed Brittany Rescigno into the world in New Jersey, the United States, in 1984. Later, she and her husband moved to California.

A chef himself, Jeffrey Rescigno has 11 posts and around 272 followers on Instagram under the name @jeffreyrescigno. On July 18, 2022, Brittany posted a selfie of her and her father to Instagram.

It is interesting that despite her achievements in the food sector, Brittany Rescigno does not yet have a Wikipedia page. She has nevertheless gained attention in the media and the general public because of her devotion, hard work, and enthusiasm for cooking.


Achievements & Career Of Brittany Rescigno

Brittany Rescigno is a rising star in the culinary industry who has participated in well-known cooking contests including “Chopped,” “Guy’s Grocery Games,” and “Tournament of Champions.” She has received acclaim from a number of media publications, including Forbes and NBC News, for her creative approach to cooking and distinctive viewpoint as a female chef.

When Rescigno was a little child, she started cooking alongside her mother and grandmother. She obtained professional culinary training and worked at a variety of eateries and caterers to gather experience. She created unique dishes for events and private clients in addition to her television roles as a chef and private caterer.

Rescigno is also committed to giving back to her society and has taken a leading role in philanthropic endeavours. She has helped raise money for local food banks and cancer research, among other causes. Her dedication to advancing diversity and inclusion in the culinary profession is impressive, and she has developed into an outspoken supporter of women in positions of leadership.

All of Brittany Rescigno’s career is a story of perseverance, commitment, and food enthusiasm. She will undoubtedly become well-known in the coming years because of her ability and dedication to improving her town and the culinary sector.


Who’s The Wife Of Brittany Rescigno?

Brittany Rescigno is happily married to her wife Natalie Buelow. According to certain wedding registry websites, the pair has been dating since roughly 2017 and was married in October of that same year. However, according to other publications, they could have wed in 2015. Currently, the pair resides in New Jersey, USA.

Brittany Rescigno Wife Natalie Buelow And Married Life

Brittany Rescigno shared some pictures from her wedding and a sincere message to her wife on Instagram in December 2017. She expressed her happiness at marrying her “first love,” adding that 2017 marked the start of the “absolutely best life ever.” The connection between the two seems to be solid and loving, and Natalie, Brittany’s wife, is said to be very encouraging and supportive.

Brittany Rescigno Wife Natalie Buelow And Married Life

As a monument to their common love of the culinary arts, Brittany and Natalie share a three-plate work of art that spells out the name of their restaurant. Restaurant owner Brittany routinely posts photos of herself and her spouse on her Instagram account, @chef_rescigno.


On February 24, 2020, Natalie filed a Family-Marriage Disintegration/Separation petition against Brittany, signalling a problem in their union. According to the source, the lawsuit was filed at the Family Courthouse of the Santa Clara County Superior Courts in Santa Clara, California. The matter is still ongoing and has not yet been resolved. Despite this, Natalie seems to have moved on because she is currently engaged to Hr Ruiz according to her Facebook page.

Restaurateur Brittany Rescigno and Wife Natalie Buelow Married Life

It’s unknown if the pair is still together or if they have split up because of the ongoing legal matter. Regarding their marital status or current dating situation, Brittany has not provided any further information.

However, a pending separation suit Natalie filed in 2020 has harmed their union. Despite this, Natalie has moved on and has a new fiancé. It’s unclear how things stand between Brittany and Natalie right now.

The Net Worth Of Brittany Rescigno

Brittany has a lucrative profession as a chef, businesswoman, and media personality, and she has amassed an estimated net worth of $100,000 as a result. She can now enjoy a luxurious lifestyle in the United States with her family thanks to her money.

image of Brittany Rescigno


In 2008, she started her job as a cook at Wequassett Resort and Golf Club. From 2010 to 2012, she then served as a manager at Golden Corral Corporation. Later, from 2012 until 2015, Brittany worked as the Executive Chef at Breezes Dock Bar & Grill. From 2015 to 2016, she worked at Scratch as a sous chef as well. She also served as the general manager of Nom Burger and Tap’t Beer and Kitchen at 2Tap’t018 from 2017 to 2018. Her career has featured a wide range of experiences, which has raised her net worth.

image of Brittany Rescigno

Recent Projects

NBC News highlighted New Jersey chef Brittany Rescigno in a story titled “This New Jersey Chef Is On A Mission To Make His Mark On The Culinary World” in August 2021. The article emphasised Rescigno’s passion for cooking, her participation in cooking contests, and her aspirations to open a restaurant.

image of Brittany Rescigno

Wrapping up

Rescigno is quite active on social media, particularly Instagram, where she often posts about her culinary endeavours, recipes, and partnerships with other chefs. Rescigno has also been asked to take part in a variety of food-related occasions and celebrations, such as the South Beach Wine & Food Festival presented by the Cooking Channel and the Food Network in 2021.

Here’s everything you need to know about Brittany Rescigno.

Field Information
Date of Birth 1984
Birth Day N/A
Father Jeffrey Rescigno
Mother Theresa Thompson
Age 39-Years-Old
Siblings N/A
Zodiac Sign N/A
Relationship Married
Birth Place New Jersey, United States
Wife Natalie Buelow
Nationality American
Married Since 2015
Religion Christian
Children N/A
Ethnicity White
Profession Chef, Entrepreneur
Height 5 feet 7 inches
Net worth $100 thousand
Weight 80 kg
Instagram Link
Education Associate’s degree in Culinary
Facebook Link
College The Culinary Institute of America


Here are some interesting facts about Brittany Rescigno:

  • She is a New Jersey native and was born and raised there.
  • Brittany’s family has Italian roots and she is a first-generation American.
  • Cooking runs in her family as she learned how to cook from her mother and grandmother in the family kitchen.
  • In addition to competing in cooking shows, Brittany has been featured in notable publications such as Forbes and NBC News.
  • Brittany has her sights set on opening her own restaurant and wants to create a welcoming atmosphere where everyone can enjoy her delicious food.

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