Who was Calvin Dim? Obituary – Missing Arcadia Tapes TikTok Mystery

Calvin Dim Missing, Arcadia Tapes, Obituary: Calvin Dim was a young man from Arcadia County, Ohio in the United States. He went missing after he came back home from school. The story was posted by a TikTok user and it became a topic of interest for the netizens.

How did Calvin Dim Went Missing?

Calvin Dim, a student from Arcadia County in Ohio who was athletic, powerful, and taller than the average man, mysteriously vanished while returning home after finishing college. So either the kidnapper had an large frame or they were a group of people, or both. Calvin was thought to have been abducted by mysterious figures wearing masks.

Arcadia Tapes and Obituary

A mysterious VHS video was found on Calvin’s parent’s porch after weeks of unsolved mysteries and ineffective research. Several people with mysterious masks might be seen peering towards the digital camera on the Tape. But, one clip got the authorities’ and the parents’ attention. The word “CAL” was edited over the image of a person wearing a purple sweater and a white mask with a protruding, Pinnochio-style nostril in the footage.

As they believed that CAL was a temporary address for Calvin, the police had been adamant that whoever created the films knew where Calvin was. After some inquiry, authorities would come across a picture of a man covered in a black sheet, who appeared to have his legs and palms bound.

The image of the person on the black tarp was taken in the woods behind Calvin’s house, which provided the first hint that the individual was in fact Calvin.

Calvin Dim

TikTok Mystery Exposed

The mystery is solved when a thorough investigation reveals that the claim was false. Sylas Dean, the network’s creator, is a very well-known author of creepypasta tales. He is a Los Angeles, California-based American entertainer with a talent for inventing spooky tales. Dean also has a YouTube channel with over 11K subscribers where he publishes 10–20 minute long horrific made-up stories.

“Calvin Dim was never found, and the haunting mystery of the Arcadia tapes remains unsolved, stay tuned for more originals to come,” reads the subtitle of the Tiktok video. Yet this demonstrates that it’s a made-up story. It’s one of the numerous true horror tales that the storyteller CreepyTime has authored.

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