Chrisean Rock Siblings And Family Photos, Facts

Chrisean Rock Siblings, Family, and Facts: Chrisean Rock is a popular Instagram model and former athlete. She is popular for being the girlfriend of American rapper Blueface. Her real name is Chrisean Malone but she has now taken the surname Rock for herself.

Chrisean Rock Siblings

She was born into a big family with a total of 11 siblings. Notably, all her brothers and sisters are biological. Out of the 11, she has 7 sisters and 4 brothers. Even though not all of her siblings are equally famous as Chrisean, some of them have made themselves recognizable.

Some of Chrisean’s siblings are:

  1.  Latifa Malone
  2. Terence Dorsey
  3. Unique Dorsey
  4. Sierra Dorsey
  5. Terine Malone
  6. Eugene Malone
  7. Tessa Manning Malone
  8. Obadiah Malone
  9. Chastity Malone
  10. Pedey Malone

Chrisean spent her childhood with her siblings growing up. She was brought up by her parents in Baltimore, United States. Not all of them have appeared on public platforms.

Terence Dorsey Chrisean Rock's brother
Terence Dorsey – The Eldest Brother of Chrisean Rock


Tessa Manning Malone Chrisean Rock's sister
Tessa Manning


Who are Chrisean Rock’s Mom and Dad?

Chrisean was born to her father Eugene Arthur Malone and her mother Charla Tucker Malone. Eugene was reportedly very abusive and spent most of his time in prison. Even Chrisean got to meet her dad not until she turned 7 years old. Nonetheless, he seems to be a changed man now. Eugene even posted on his Facebook that anyone can change, all it needs is the will to change.

Chrisean’s mother Charla is now 57 years of age. She did not have a very sound relationship with her family. Charla Malone was arrested by police in 1997 on the charges of stealing mail from neighbors.

Apart from that, Chrisean’s mom also suffered from drug addiction. Due to that, she could not be a supporting figure in the life of her children.

Chrisean and her siblings had a difficult childhood, but they had each other’s back to get through it.

Latifa Malone
Latifa Malone



Social Media Accounts

Chrisean Rock

Latifa Malone

Eugene Malone

Some Important Facts About Chrisean Rock Siblings:

  • Chrisean’s brother Obadiah Malone has been arrested for first-degree attempted murder.
  • Her parents Eugene and Charla were arrested from their home at Capte St. Claire.
  • Chrisean’s sister who goes by the name Tesehki on Instagram is an aspiring musician.
  • Chrisean has more than 3 million followers on her Instagram account.

FAQs About Chrisean Rock Siblings

  1. How many siblings does Chrisean Rock have?

Chrisean has 11 siblings in her family.

   2. Who are Chrisean Rock’s parents?

Her parents are Eugene Arthur Malone and Charla Tucker Malone.

   3. Is Chrisean Rock pregnant?

The influencer has not clearly stated if she is pregnant with Blueface’s baby or not.

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