Dave Burd Real Life Girlfriend Kristin Batalucco And Past Relationship With Molly

Dave Burd’s Real Life Girlfriend Kristin Batalucco And Past Relationship With Molly: Dave Burd also known by the name Lil Dicky is a famous American Comedian, comedian, and actor. he has gained prominence in the acting industry from his notable works like Dave,  The Lego Batman Movie, and The Lil Dicky: Earth.

His fans have often been interested in his personal life as in who he is currently dating. Sources have revealed that he is presently in a relationship with Kristin Batalucco, who is a producer by profession.  Dave declared their relationship officially on his Instagram in October 2022.

Dave Burd

Who is Dave Burd’s Real Life Girlfriend Kristin Batalucco?

Dave Burd has declared that he is presently in a relationship with Kristin Batalucco. Sources have stated that she works as a producer. The couple has been in a relationship for almost a year. Kristin Bataluco is a Michigan State University Graduate. In addition, she started her career as an intern with Zerosun Pictures in 2011. Kristin has worked hard to gain the position of a producer. She started to work as an intern and was later promoted to assistant producer in 2012.

Batalucco has worked for the firm for approximately two years. Later, she joined HBO, which is one of the most prominent America’s premium television companies in June 2015. She has worked for the company for six months in the role of a department coordinator for Vidosyncrasy and Silicon Valley 3.0.

Later, she shifted to focus on her freelancing career. As of now, she has been working as a freelancing senior producer for over three years since January 2020.

In addition, Dave Burd’s girlfriend Kristin has even worked as an actor in Hometown, which is a shot drama released in 2012. The story centers on a man who has come to his hometown after thirteen years and realizes that he has forgotten about his past.

More About Dave Burd’s Girlfriend Kristin Batalucco’s Family:

Kristin Batalucco is the youngest daughter of Mke Batalucco and Georgie Batalucco. Unfortunately, we could not decipher much about her parent’s profession. In addition, she has an elder brother named Jeff Batalucco. He is a senior key account manager at DeLallo.

Dave Burd and Kristin Batalucco’s Relationship:

Dave Burd Aka Lil Dicky updated his relationship status when he announced publicly that he was dating Kristin Batalucco on October 2022. In addition, he has often uploaded pictures of her to state that he was in love. His fans have supported his relationship and have praised that he has chosen the right one for him. One of his co-stars Gina Hecht has commented praising the relationship. Sources have revealed that even though Dave Burd shared the picture in October 2022, the couple has been dating since the early part of the year.

It can be evident from the fact that Kristin’s mother uploaded a picture of the family with Lil Dicky on April 7, 2022. Lil Dicky has developed a close bond with Kristin Batalucco’s family within a short span. Georgie has even stated that they went on a trip to meet Kristin and her boyfriend.

Dave Burd

Dave Burd Dated Molly Previously:

Dave Burd was previously in a relationship with Molly. He has even made a music video for his ex-girlfriend in 2016.  The music video showed how Dvae Burd attended his girlfriend’s marriage with someone else.

He wrote a song for her and even said that she was really important to him. He has opened up about these feelings through the song stating that he wished that he did not care about her anymore but he really did.

The story centers around Dave Burd’s Life, especially during his early years when he had a girl named Molly. She was intelligent, and ambitious and tried her best to support his career as a rapper. But they belonged to two different worlds. His TV series story has revealed that Molly was a Kindergarten teacher and she often used to warn him not to put his work online. However, he never listened to her.

Later, the couple split up because Molly had a problem about prioritizing Dave Burd’s rapping career over her.

Burd has revealed about his past relationship through the TV Series. He has often wanted to make a TV Series based on his life. The role of Molly was played by Taylor Misiak.

Some Lesser Known Facts about Dave Burd’s Present Girlfriend:

  • Kristin Batalucco is a producer and a graduate of Michigan State University.
  • The couple started dating in the early 2022s and Dave Burd’s fans have often supported their relationship.
  • She maintains a low profile on her Instagram, unlike her boyfriend.
  • She presently resides in California.

Social Media Accounts:

Dave Burd: Instagram

Kristin Batalucco: Instagram

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