Flyana Boss – Members, Age, and Names | Facts, Songs, and Net Worth

Flyana Boss – Members, Age, and Names | Facts, Songs, and Net Worth. Bobbi Lanea and Folayan Kunerede formed the Hip-Hop duo Flyana Boss. Bobbi LaNea was born in Detroit, Michigan, and Folayan Kunerede was born in Dallas, Texas. After graduating from high school, they met at the Musicians Institute in Los Angeles and became friends because they had similar musical goals and interests. Please read the complete article to learn the most recent information and facts about them.
Flyana Boss

What is Flyana Boss Members’ Age?

Flyana Boss is a two-membered hip-hop band. Bobbi Lanea and Folayan Kunerede met in college and started collaborating in making music.

Both Bobbi LaNea and Folayan have not disclosed their ages. However, they seem to be around in their mid-20s. Bobbi LaNea was born on the 30th of July as per her Facebook post.

Some of their fans have mentioned that they might be around 30 years of age since the references they use sometimes in their songs are old enough to be known only by a millennial.

List of Flyana Boss Songs

Flyana Boss has released several songs over the years, spanning from 2019 to 2023. Here is a list of some of their songs:

  1. You Wish (from “Make It A Double” – 2023)
  2. Nu Nu (from “Boffum” – 2023)
  3. Fondue (from “Vitamin FB” – 2023)
  4. Miss Me (from “Miss Me” – 2022)
  5. Trashboi (from “Make It A Double” – 2023)
  6. Hot Tea (from “Vitamin FB” – 2023)
  7. daddy? (from “daddy?” – 2021)
  8. Mango Bananas (from “Mango Bananas” – 2022)
  9. Really Really (from “Boffum” – 2023)
  10. Buddha (from “Buddha” – 2022)
  11. Olé (from “Cheques ‘n’ Respect” – 2022)
  12. Ring Around (from “Ring Around” – 2020)
  13. Move Back! (from “Move Back!” – 2020)
  14. Do It (from “Cheques ‘n’ Respect” – 2022)
  15. Jenny (from “Jenny” – 2020)
  16. Bossi (from “Bossi” – 2019)
  17. Jingle Dem Bells (from “Jingle Dem Bells” – 2020)
  18. All Eyes On Me (No information about the album provided)


Flyana Boss: Rise in Career and TikTok

Bobbi Lanea and Folayan Kunerede make up the hip-hop music group Flyana Boss. Both members work as professional vocalists and composers. They met after high school at the Musicians Institute in Los Angeles and connected over their common love of music. As adolescents, they began writing and creating their own songs. Although they did not meet at first, their relationship evolved over their undergraduate years owing to their shared musical goals and interests. They formed Flyana Boss in 2019 and released their debut single “Bossi.”

They have constantly released music since then, with some of their most successful songs being “You Wish,” “Miss Me,” “Ring Around,” “Mango Bananas,” “Go Crazy,” and many others. They’ve risen to prominence and acclaim for their catchy and dynamic hip-hop compositions, which have struck a chord with their fans.

Flyana Boss has used social media sites such as TikTok to market their songs in addition to their music releases. To reach a larger audience and boost their fame, they have produced dancing challenges and entertaining material. Their participation on TikTok has been extremely helpful in their growth and view in the music business.

Flyana Boss

Flyana Boss Net Worth Revealed!

The duo has a combined net worth of around $300,000. However, the official figures are yet to be released.

Flyana Boss Social Media


5 Facts You Didn’t Know About Flyana Boss

  1. The name of the group comes from the name of actress Diana Ross who is admired by both Bobbi and Folayan.
  2. They belong to the African-American ethnicity.
  3. Flyana Boss is signed to Atlantic Records.
  4. They often share videos on social media of them running through various venues.
  5. Both of them loves to wear “black girl aesthetics”.



Q: Who are the members of Flyana Boss?

A: It is a hip-hop music duo consisting of two members: Bobbi Lanea and Folayan Kunerede.

Q: What do they do?

A: They are singers and songwriters.

Q: Where are Bobbi and Folayan from?

A: Bobbi Lanea is from Detroit, Michigan, and Folayan Kunerede is from Dallas, Texas.

Q: What are some of their popular songs?

A: Some of their popular songs include “You Wish,” “Miss Me,” and “Mango Bananas.”

Q: What is their net worth?

A: As of July 2023, there is no specific information available about their net worth.

Q: How old are the members?

A: Both members are in their late 20s.

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