Harrison Olvey: Wiki, Bio, Age, Parents, Date Of Birth, Height, Family, Job, Salary

Harrison Olvey: Wiki, Bio, Age, Parents, Date Of Birth, Height, Family, Job, Salary: Harrison Olvey was a hardworking man from Atlanta, Georgia. He did many different jobs to take care of his life and family. Sadly, on September 3, 2023, while he was working, something very sad happened, and he lost his life. In this blog post, we will tell you all about what happened and also share more about his job, family, and his life journey when he was a kid. So let’s Start!

Harrison Olvey: Wiki, Bio, Age, Parents, Date Of Birth, Height, Family, Job, Salary

Who was Harrison Olvey?

Harrison Olvey, born on May 4, 1998, and lived in Atlanta, Georgia, was a valet. He worked different jobs to support himself and his family. Sadly, on September 3, 2023, while he was working, he lost his life when he tried to stop a car thief. During this brave act, Harrison was shot and killed.

People knew him as a kind and exceptional young man. His family loved him very much. His sudden passing reminds us of the challenges in Atlanta, where he was just trying to do good things.

Harrison Olvey Age, Height, Weight:

Harrison Olvey: Wiki, Bio, Age, Parents, Date Of Birth, Height, Family, Job, Salary

Harrison Olvey was 25 years old guy. His height was approximately 5.7 ft. and if we talk about his weight looks like 70 to 75 kg.

Harrison Olvey Family/Parents:

Harrison Olvey’s mother and father’s name is Autumn Ernst and Steve Olvey passed away before he died. But his mother is still alive. His sister’s name is Addison Olvey.

Harrison Olvey Education and profession:

Harrison began his learning journey at North Gwinnett High School. In 2016, he started studying Business and Finance at Kennesaw State University and graduated in 2022. While in college, he worked at Chick-fil-A and part-time for the Atlanta Braves from April 2017 to October 2019, almost 3 years in total.

After school, he got a job as a Financial Professional at 49 Financial.

While working in finance, Harrison also worked part-time as a Valet at AmeriPark, starting in June 2019. He kept both jobs until he passed away.

Harrison Olvey’s Murder Case:

The Atlanta Police Department quickly went to the scene to try and save Harrison, but, sadly, he didn’t make it, even though they rushed him to the hospital.

In their investigation, they found an important clue – someone on camera driving a dark-windowed Kia K500. But we still don’t know who this person is or their license plate. The police are calling this person “armed and dangerous.”

The Atlanta Police Department asked the public for help in finding this person, but we still don’t know who they are. The community is sad, and Harrison’s family wants answers.

The man who shot Harrison was caught on camera, and his pictures were shared with the media. But we don’t know his name or anything else about him. We’ll update this section as any information comes.

Harrison Olvey Net Worth:

Unfortunately, there is no information related to his Net worth as he came into the news because of his tragic death. We’ll update his net worth later.

Information Table:

Here is the full biography of Harrison Olvey including his, Parents, Date Of Birth, Height, Family, Job, Salary and other information.

Category Details
Full Name Harrison Olvey
Date of Birth May 4, 1998
Age at Passing 25 years old
Place of Residence Atlanta, Georgia
Occupation Valet, Financial Professional
Education – North Gwinnett High School (Graduated)
– Kennesaw State University (Business and Finance)
College Graduation 2022
Work History – Chick-fil-A (Part-time)
– Atlanta Braves (Part-time, April 2017 – Oct 2019)
– 49 Financial (Financial Professional)
– AmeriPark (Part-time Valet, June 2019 – 2023)
Family – Mother: Autumn Ernst
– Father: Steve Olvey (Deceased)
– Sister: Addison Olvey
Tragic Incident September 3, 2023 – Shot and killed while stopping a car thief
Police Investigation – Suspect: Unknown
– Vehicle: Dark-windowed Kia K500
– Suspect Status: Armed and dangerous
Net Worth Not available

Social Media Accounts:


Less Known facts:

  • He loved playing the guitar in his free time, a passion he shared with close friends.
  • Harrison volunteered at a local animal shelter, showing his caring nature extended beyond people.
  • An aspiring writer, he had started working on a novel, reflecting his creative side.
  • In college, he was part of a charity group that organized food drives for the homeless.
  • Harrison often surprised his family with his culinary skills, specializing in homemade pasta dishes.


1. Who was Harrison Olvey?

Harrison Olvey was a hardworking valet from Atlanta, Georgia, known for his dedication to family and community.

2. What happened to Harrison Olvey on September 3, 2023?

Tragically, on that day, Harrison lost his life while attempting to stop a car thief and was fatally shot.

3. What were Harrison Olvey’s educational achievements?

He graduated in 2022 from Kennesaw State University with a degree in Business and Finance, while also working part-time jobs.

4. Did Harrison have any siblings?

Yes, he had a sister named Addison Olvey.

5. What was Harrison Olvey passionate about aside from work and education?

Harrison was passionate about playing the guitar, volunteering at an animal shelter, and writing.

6. Is there any update on the investigation into his tragic death?

As of now, the suspect remains unknown, and the investigation is ongoing.

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