How Many Kids Did Hugh Hefner Have and Who Are They?

How Many Kids Did Hugh Hefner Have and Who Are They?: Hefner died on 27th September 2017. At the age of 91, he left the whole Playboy empire, with 31 years wife and 4 children. He had kids from two marriages before. One stays private, another follows his dad, one helps others with money, and one writes about zombies. But who are Hefner’s kids? In this article, we’ll thoroughly discuss Hugh Hefner and his wife, kids, and other specific information.

How Many Kids Did Hugh Hefner Have and Who Are They?

Hugh Hefner Family: His Wife and Children

How Many Kids Did Hugh Hefner Have and Who Are They?

People called him “Hef,” and he married Millie in 1949. They had kids Christie and David. Millie told Hef about her affair, which hurt him. They divorced in 1959. Hef changed his life, partied less, and his daughter Christie managed his business. He married Kimberley, much younger than him. They had kids Marston and Cooper. They separated in 1998 and divorced in 2010. Hef dated many women and even had a reality show. He met Crystal in 2009, They got engaged and broke up, but then got married in 2012. Hef’s brother Keith passed away in 2016, just before Hef’s 90th birthday.

Hugh Hefner Kids:

1. Crisie Hefner:

How Many Kids Did Hugh Hefner Have and Who Are They?

Hugh met his college sweetheart, Mildred Williams, at Northwestern University. They stayed together while Hugh was in the army from 1944 to 1946. After he came back, they got married in 1949. They had a daughter named Christie in November 1952 in Chicago, Illinois.

Christie got a bachelor’s degree in English from Brandeis University in 1974. After that, she started working at her dad’s company. In 1982, she became the boss, and in 1988, she became the CEO. But in 2008, she stepped down to work for good causes. Christie married someone named William Marovitz in 1995, but they later broke up in 2013. They didn’t have kids. Marovitz got in trouble for trading stocks in a tricky way, but they fixed it in 2011. Christie lives in Chicago with her brother David and has other half-brothers from her dad’s other marriage.

2. David Hefner

David Hefner is an American businessman, but he’s most known for being the son of the person who started Playboy Magazine. He doesn’t really like being famous and prefers to live quietly. He was born on August 30, 1955, in Palo Alto, California. Right now, he’s 66 years old. His dad’s name is Hugh Hefner, and his mom is Millie Williams. He has three brothers and sisters: one sister from the same parents and two from his dad’s side.

His dad was the one who made Playboy Magazine and was in charge. His mom, who was born on March 10, 1926, in Chicago, was married to his dad but they got divorced after 10 years. David isn’t as involved in his dad’s business as his siblings. For example, his sister Christie worked as the boss of Playboy Enterprise, and later, his brother Cooper became the CEO.

3. Marston Hefner

Marston Hefner

After dating many famous women for many years, Hugh decided to settle down again with Kimberly Conrad, who was named Playmate of the Year in 1989. Even though there was a big age difference of 36 years, they got married in 1989 and had a son named Marston in 1990.

Marston grew up near the Playboy Mansion and talked about it in an interview with GQ in 2008. He said that as a 15-year-old, he saw naked people sometimes. It was different from other kids because he was Hugh Hefner’s son.

In 2012, Marston got in trouble for hurting his girlfriend, Claire Sinclair, who was also a Playboy Playmate. He had to go to a program for a year and stay away from Claire for three years.

Marston also tried writing stories with the name Marston Glenn. He wrote a book about zombies called “Bleed.” This info is from Business Insider.

A few days back he also says his family as double standards.

4. Cooper Hefner

Cooper was born in September 1991 in Los Angeles, the second child of Hugh and Kimberley. He did well in school, graduating from Chapman University in 2015. Then, he started his own media company called Hop in 2016. When his dad left his job at Playboy, Cooper took over for a while. He joined the Air Force in 2019 and married Scarlett Byrne, an actress from Harry Potter.

They had a daughter named Betsy in August 2020. Cooper’s dad passed away in 2017, and he said his dad did important things for free speech and rights. Cooper’s family and everyone at Playboy miss his dad a lot. In November 2021, they shared they were going to have twins.

Some Less Known Facts:

  • Hugh Hefner, known as “Hef,” had four children from different marriages: Christie, David, Marston, and Cooper.
  • Christie Hefner, his eldest daughter, led Playboy Enterprises and then focused on good causes.
  • David Hefner prefers a quiet life and isn’t as involved in the Playboy business as his siblings.
  • Marston Hefner, born to Hef and Kimberly, faced legal trouble and even wrote a zombie book.
  • Cooper Hefner, born in 1991, started his own media company and briefly took over his dad’s role at Playboy.
  • All kids have their own Wikipedia page.


1. How many children did Hugh Hefner have?
Hugh Hefner had four children: Christie, David, Marston, and Cooper.

2. What did Christie Hefner do?
Christie Hefner led Playboy Enterprises and later focused on philanthropic work.

3. What’s unique about David Hefner?
David Hefner prefers a quiet life and isn’t heavily involved in the Playboy business.

4. What’s Marston Hefner known for?
Marston Hefner faced legal issues and wrote a book about zombies.

5. What are Cooper Hefner’s achievements?
Cooper Hefner started his own media company and briefly took charge at Playboy.

6. What’s notable about Cooper Hefner’s personal life?
Cooper joined the Air Force, married Scarlett Byrne, and became a father.

7. When did Hugh Hefner pass away?
Hugh Hefner passed away on September 27, 2017, at the age of 91.

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