Is Leila Hormozi Transgender? Before Surgery Photos-Meet Husband Alex Hormozi

Is Leila Hormozi Transgender? Before Surgery Photos-Meet Husband Alex Hormozi: Leila Hormozi is a US-based entrepreneur, investor, philanthropist, and even a social media personality. Presently, she is working as the CEO of a company named, which is an investment company. She has been often under the spotlight mostly of her remarkable career but also many people have been questioning her sexual orientation. Several sources have alleged that Leila Hormozi is a transgender and has undergone surgery to shape herself as a woman.

Is Leila Hormozi Transgender?

Rumors have stated that Leila Hormozi is transgender. However, the rumors do not have a rigid base to be claimed as true. There have been no official reports stating that Leila Hormozi identifies herself as transgender. But, it seems that she has been experimenting with herself. Nevertheless, her sexual orientation is straight.

Leila has often been inclined towards fitness all her life. In addition, she started off her career as a personal trainer at 24 Hours Fitness after graduation from her University. She has even worked as a  fitness trainer and focussed on personal fitness. During her undergraduate years at Western Michigan University, she realized that she was open to changing her internal and external physical appearances. In addition, she has even learned about human behavior.

While everyone condemned and placed the rumors that she was transgender and was trying to change her sexual orientation, she was simply understanding the impact of hormones on fitness. Being ardently into fitness, she started using steroids as an energy source which caused a change in her voice.

Leila Hormozi

Leila Hormozi is an inspirational and powerful lady who has inspired many people through her splendid career. In addition, she never took help regarding her decisions from her parents or husband. Presently, it seems that she is experimenting with the hormones and using them in terms of physical fitness.

This does not question her sexual orientation and if she is going under the knife to change her gender. These are mere speculations without any right evidence. People have often assumed her to be a man or a transgender because of her well-toned physique or her voice. But, this does not imply that she is transgender.

In addition, it is integral for people to not spread falsified statements about the sexual orientation of a person. Instead, they should look into what the other person has been contributing to society. Leila has been an entrepreneurial inspiration. Starting her career at the age of 23, she has amassed around 11 million USD as a fortune.

Leila Hormozi Before Surgery Photos

Leila Hormozi

Meet Hormozi’s Husband: Alex Hormozi:

Leila Hormozi has established herself as an impeccable woman. But none would have been possible without the constant support of her husband Alex Hormozi. They have worked in many ventures together prior to getting married in May 2017. In addition, he is also an entrepreneur and works for the same company in which Leila is a CEO.

He has been a constant backbone in helping Leila Hormozi establish herself as a personal trainer. She relocated to Orange County to pursue her dreams. She even started her own fitness company named Gym Launch where she broke the sales record of other personal trainers.

Leila and Alex have started off their relationship as friends. Eventually, they got married after thirteen months of dating.

Alex Hormozi is a highly devoted spouse and has always supported his wife throughout her career. They both were fitness enthusiasts and have embarked on a career based on mutual interests.

Some Lesser Known Facts About Leila Hormozi:

  • She has a straight sexual orientation and keeps experimenting with body hormones in terms of her fitness.
  • She graduated from Western Michigan University where she acquired a graduation in fitness.
  • Leila stands tall at a height of around 5 feet and 6 inches.
  • Her weight is around 55 Kg.
  • Her estimated net worth is around 11 million USD. It can be attributed to her career as an entrepreneur. In addition, she has made a name in the fitness industry.
  • She started her journey as an entrepreneur at the age of 23.
  • In addition, she is a certified ACSM Personal trainer.
  • Presently, she lives in Las Vegas Nevada.

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