Jeremy Renner Family Members And Their Photos

Jeremy Renner Family Members And Their Photos: Jeremy Renner is a prominent American actor. He has appeared in many prominent movies like Dahmer, and Neo Ned and was cast in supporting roles in other movies like S.W.A.T, and 28 Weeks Later. He has even won nominations for Best Actor for his role in The Hurt Locker. People are curious to know about his personal life and family members. His family members include his siblings Kyle Renner, Clayton Renner, Nicky Emens, Kym Renner, and Theo. Theo is the youngest sibling among them. He was born in 2011.

Who Are Jeremy Renner’s Parents:?

Jeremy Renner was born on 7 January 1971. He was born and grew up in Modesto, California until he was 10 years old.

Regarding his parents, his mother’s name is Valerie Cearley and his father’s name is Lee Renner. They got married when they were teenagers. They welcomed four children together before they parted ways in 1981. Lee was the manager of a bowling alley named McHenry Bowl with his current wife.

Later, he was raised by his single mother. He is the oldest child among his siblings.

Jeremy Renner Siblings:

Jeremy Renner

Jeremy is the oldest child among his siblings. Their ages range from 52 to 12 years old. His youngest brother Theo is only 12 years old. Sources have revealed that he became a big brother once again when he was 40 years old. He announced the news on the Jimmy Kimmel Live Show in 2011 and even accredited his father. In addition, he has even mentioned the name of his youngest sibling on the show.

Jeremy Renner has three biological siblings and three half-brothers from his father’s side.

In terms of his siblings, their names are as follows:  Kyle Renner, Clayton Renner, Arthur William Renner, Kym Renner, Nicky Renner Emmens, and Theo Renner. His brother Clayton works as a machine operator at the Pacific Southwest Container. In addition, he has already been married for seven years.

At the same time, Nicky is the mother of two children. Her whereabouts have not been clear. She has an account on Instagram but she is not much active on her social media accounts.

Kym Renner has served as the Deputy Director of the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services since 2016. She has further attained her graduation from the Californian State University, Stanislaus. In addition, she is even the mother of three children named Kayla and a son named Alex. Presently, she is living in California.

The whereabouts of the other siblings have not been found.

Jeremy Renner’s Ex-Wife: Sonni Pacheco

Previously, Jeremy Renner was married to Sonni Pacheco who is a Canadian model. The couple has one daughter together and they have been married for a year. The name of their daughter is Ava Berlin Renner and she is only ten years old. She was born on 28 March 2013. Jeremy Renner openly welcomed parenthood in his life when he announced his daughter’s birth on the news platforms. He has even mentioned that being a father has changed his perspective and changed his career in multiple ways during the Ellen Degnres Show in 2015.

However, their marriage ended shortly with a brutal divorce when Sonni Pacheco revealed to the media that Renner had blackmailed her and that he would kill her after the divorce.

Jeremy tied the knot with Sonni Pacheco on 13 January 2014. Later, she filed for a divorce in December 2014. Their separation has been messy as he was alleged with many accusations. Despite that, he has proved his innocence and now shares the custody of his daughter with his ex-wife.

Jeremy Renner’s Daughter:

Jeremy Renner

Jeremy Renner has often shared pictures of his daughter proclaiming his love for her. He has often stated that his daughter is his first priority. However, his daughter’s face has been hidden on the social media handles. It is because she is a minor and it is her sole decision if she wants to reveal her face to the media once she becomes an adult.

He has even talked about his daughter that he has kept her face hidden because she is just a kid. He often says that Ava is an artistic child. Jeremy does not want her to be a part of the acting industry when she grows up but would still respect her career decisions.

Some Lesser Known Facts About Jeremy Renner and His Family:

  • He is the oldest among his six siblings.
  • His youngest brother Theo Renner is only 12 years old.
  • He was married to Sonni Pacheco for a year and their marriage ended brutally.
  • Jeremy Renner has three biological siblings and three half-brothers from his father’s side.
  • His mother’s name is Valerie Cearley and his father’s name is Lee Renner.

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