Ji Chang Wook Current Girlfriend, Dating History and Rumors (2023 Updated)

Ji Chang Wook Current Girlfriend, Dating History & Rumors: Ji Chang-Wook, a South Korean actor has dated different girlfriends, attracting the limelight. Now, let’s explore his dating history.

Ji Chang-Wook

Who is Ji Chang Wook?

Ji Chang-Wook, a South Korean actor, was born on July 5, 1987, in Anyang. He gained fame for his versatile acting in various TV shows. People loved him as Dong-hae in “Smile Again” (2010-2011) and enjoyed his roles in “Warrior Baek Dong-soo” (2011), “Empress Ki” (2013-2014), “Healer” (2014-2015), “The K2” (2016), and “Suspicious Partner” (2017). After military service, he returned to “Melting Me Softly” (2019), “Backstreet Rookie” (2020), “Lovestruck in the City” (2020-2021), and “The Sound of Magic” (2022).


Ji Chang Wook Current Girlfriend:

In an interview, Ji Chang-Wook recently said that he is single and made it clear that he wants to find a partner. Even though there were many rumors that he was dating his female co-stars and close female friends, Ji Chang-Wook said that these were just rumors and nothing more. He is not in a relationship with someone right now, but he is constantly looking for one.

Ji Chang Wook Dating History:

Ji Chang-Wook has been in five relationships, the longest of which lasted 8 years and 6 months. About 1 year and 8 months was the average length of his relationships. He has never been in a relationship that lasted less than a year.

Ji Chang Wook Girlfriends:

1. Ji Chang-Wook and Ha Ji-Won:

Ji Chang  and Ha Ji-Won were both in the drama series “Empress Ki.” Fans thought that they might know each other in real life because of how well they got along on TV.
During an interview, Ji Chang-Wook repeatedly praised Ha Ji-Won for her listening skills and cheerful personality. However, both actors have never confirmed being more than just friends.

2. Ji Chang and Park Min-Young:

Fans revealed that Ji Chang and Park Min-Young might be more than friends due to their close bond and interactions. The two actors frequently posted pictures together on social media, and Ji Chang surprised Park Min-Young during her work trip to China. In an interview, people noticed that Ji Chang seemed both happy and nervous when he was with Park Min-Young. Ji Chang laughed about that when he was asked about the rumor.

3. Ji Chang with Kim Joo-Ri:

Fans thought Ji Chang was dating Kim Joo-Ri, the former Miss Korea because their accessories matched and she was at one of his picture shoots. However, Ji Chang-Wook’s agency clarified that they are simply close friends who spend time together. Both actors confirmed the accessories were gifts and trendy fashion choices.

4. Ji Chang and Yoona:

At the time Rumors were spread that Ji Chang and Yoona were dating after their romantic scene in “The K2.” When asked about it in an interview, Ji Chang responded, “Again?” He denied the rumors, saying they were false and that they were more like siblings. At the time, he was about to join the military, so might have chances that he couldn’t have a girlfriend.

5. Ji Chang and Nam Ji-Hyun:

During their work on the romance series “Suspicious Partner,” Ji Chang and Nam Ji-Hyun, just like Ha Ji-Won and Yoona, developed a strong bond. Despite portraying characters with a love-hate dynamic, behind the scenes, they were great friends. Fans thought they were dating because of how they met around and worked together on scripts, but both stars said they were just good friends.

6. Ji Chang and Kim Yoo Jung:

In the year 2020, Ji Chang and Kim Yoo-Jung co-starred in the romantic comedy ‘Backstreet Rookie.’ Fans fell in love with them right away because of how well they worked together on screen. They are close friends and text each other a lot, but it’s just because they are similar to each other and nothing else.

7. Ji Chang-Wook and Kim Ji-won:

Ji Chang-Wook

In 2020 ” Ji Chang and Kim Ji-won showcased remarkable chemistry in a movie. At first, the director of that movie also thought that they were dating in real life, but he found out later that their cute connection was just because of how well they worked together.

Ji Chang-Wook Rumors:

In April 2019, there were rumors that Chang-Wook announced his engagement and impending marriage after completing military training. However, no additional information surfaced regarding this matter, possibly indicating that it was merely a rumor or that the relationship didn’t endure, as Ji Chang confirmed his single status.

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Lesser Known Information About Ji Chang:

– He is currently 36 years old, born on July 5, 1987.
– He hails from Anyang, a city in South Korea.
– He is of Asian ethnicity and is a South Korean citizen.
– He has been active in the entertainment industry since 2006.
– In 2017, he had a period of inactivity as he had to complete mandatory military service.


1. What are some of Ji Chang famous TV dramas?
Ji Chang is well-known for starring in TV dramas like “Empress Ki” (2013-2014), “Healer” (2014-2015), “The K2” (2016), and “Suspicious Partner” (2017).

2. Has he won any awards for his acting?
Absolutely! Ji Chang-Wook has received several awards for his remarkable performances. He was honored with the Baeksang Arts Award for Best New Actor and the APAN Star Award for Best Actor.

3. Did Ji Chang serve in the military?
Yes, he fulfilled his mandatory military service. From August 2017 to April 2019, he served in the Army’s 3rd Infantry Division in Cheorwon, Gangwon Province.

4. Does Ji Chang possess any other talents besides acting?
Indeed! Besides his acting skills, Ji Chang-Wook is also recognized for his singing talents. He has released several songs for soundtracks in the TV dramas he starred in.

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