Top 7 Unknown Facts About Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage, an American actor, has worked in the entertainment business for more than 40 years. He has extensive filmography and is famous for his unusual voice, oddball acting style, and quirky personality. His movies have made billions of dollars globally, and he has received several nominations and an Academy Award. You might be familiar with him as the academy-award–winning actor who acted in movies like Mandy, Con Air, and National Treasure. But Nicolas Cage is considerably more complex than it first appears.

Nicolas Cage

Although Nicolas Cage has been the subject of a great deal of writing, there are still many undiscovered secrets about the Hollywood icon that are worthwhile exploring.




1. Nicolas Cage is not Cage’s real name.

Contrary to what most people think, Nicolas Cage is not his true name. The actor, whose birth name was Nicolas Kim Coppola, changed it to Nicolas Cage to forge a distinct persona and separate himself from his illustrious family.

Nicolas cage

Cage is Francis Ford Coppola’s nephew, and his family has a long history in the motion picture business. Cage was able to distinguish himself as an actor and escape typecasting because of his last name by changing his name.

2. Cage’s love for comic books

Cage had an early passion for comic books and has been collecting them ever since he was a youngster. He is passionate about art and loves the characters, plots, and vivid colours of comic books. He owns a sizable library of comic books from indie and major publishers like Marvel and DC.

A copy of Action Comics #1, which contains the debut of Superman, is one of Cage’s collection’s most notable items. Cage’s copy of this comic book is in nearly-mint condition, making it one of the most expensive comic books of all time. It was the most expensive comic book ever sold when Cage sold it in 2011 for a record-breaking $2.1 million.

His vast collection of comic books is worth millions of dollars. His collection was once thought to be worth more than $150 million! Superman #1 from 1939, which he reportedly paid $2.3 million for in 1997, is his favourite comic book.

3. He owned a pyramid-shaped tombstone

Nicholas Cage was once in possession of a pyramid-shaped tombstone in the city of New Orleans so that he could “get used to my house”! For Cage, the gravestone was more than simply a passing interest because of his deep ties to New Orleans. Many people, including Cage, like to travel to the city because of its illustrious history, distinctive architecture, and rich cultural legacy. What better way to mark his decision to make the city his permanent residence than to have a gravestone that would serve as a reminder of his bond with it long after he passed away?

Nicolas cage

The actor was in deeply love with the city. He had meant to utilise the pyramid-shaped gravestone to “get accustomed to his residence,” which was a metaphor for his upcoming afterlife, and a reflection of his love for New Orleans.

But destiny had other ideas for Cage, and in 2005, New Orleans was devastated by Hurricane Katrina, which also killed thousands of others. The storm, one of the worst natural calamities to ever strike the United States, had a significant effect on Cage and his family.

According to reports, the actor was worried about the safety of his gravestone because the hurricane had made the city a target for robbery and looting. He made the decision to sell the tombstone, most likely as a preventative move to safeguard his investment.

4. Nicolas Cage is trained in martial arts

Growing up, Cage studied martial arts, and his dedication to the discipline led him to serve as a teacher at the Jeet Kune Do school in Los Angeles, which was run by Dan Inosanto, a protégé of the legendary Bruce Lee. This experience not only helped Cage to develop physical and mental strength but also provided him with valuable insights into the martial arts culture and techniques.

Nicolas cage

The Jeet Kune Do school, where Cage taught, is renowned for its focus on the development of individual expression and creativity through martial arts. This philosophy aligns with Cage’s approach to acting, where he is known for taking risks and bringing his unique interpretations to his roles.

In this sense, Cage’s experience as a martial arts teacher may have influenced his acting style and allowed him to bring a sense of authenticity to his action roles. Cage’s role as Johnny Blaze in “Ghost Rider” (2007) is a prime example of how his martial arts training helped him to prepare for a challenging acting role.

5. He’s an eclectic musician

Cage is known for being a top-notch actor, but he is also a gifted musician who has written music for various movies, including “Deadfall” in 2012.

Cage and Lisa Marie Presley worked together to create the album “To Whom It May Concern” in 2003. The album was favourably welcomed by both reviewers and fans and demonstrated Cage’s musical skills. It demonstrated that he was more than simply an actor. The album differed from Presley’s usual style.  Since it had more rock and roll influences, which were a result of Cage’s musical training.

Presley and Cage worked together on several occasions. The two musicians collaborated once more in 2012 to record “Storm & Grace,” a continuation of their musical journey.   The songs were excellently written and played, showcasing Cage’s breadth of musical experience.

The musical career Cage is evidence of his creativity and adaptability. He has shown that in addition to being a gifted actor, he is also a skilled musician who can create records of a high calibre that are highly welcomed by both fans and reviewers.

6. Nicolas Cage is a passionate animal lover

This is a side of Cage that is often overlooked, and it showcases his compassion and empathy towards animals. He supports two organizations, the Best Friends Animal Society and Wildlife Waystation Sanctuary. The Best Friends Animal Society is committed to rescuing the lives of companion animals, such as dogs and cats. They place them in devoted homes. The Wildlife Waystation Sanctuary, on the other hand, assists wounded or neglected wild animals. It offers them medical care and rehabilitation, with the ultimate objective of releasing them back into the wild.

Nicolas cage

Nicolas Cage’s support for these organizations speaks volumes about his values and his commitment to improving the lives of animals. In a world where animal welfare is often overlooked, it’s refreshing to see a celebrity like Cage using his platform and resources to make a positive impact.

7. The incident between Nicolas Cage and Ellen Burstyn

The Wicker Man (2006) is a horror movie directed by Neil LaBute. It stars Nicholas Cage as a police officer named Edward Malus. During the filming of the movie, Cage accidentally punched his co-star Ellen Burstyn while performing a scene. This incident resulted in Ellen Burstyn needing medical attention.

Nicolas cage

Accidents do happen, especially in emotionally and physically taxing movie sequences. This event serves as a reminder of the value of professionalism and safety on set, though. No matter how unintentional, an actor’s actions can hurt their co-stars and the entire production.

In this instance, Nicolas Cage’s error not only hurt Burstyn but also strained their relationship. This may have prevented them from working together again in the future. Thankfully, Burstyn rapidly recovered, but this episode was enough to convince her that she would never again work with him.



These seven little-known facts about Nicolas Cage highlight the actor’s wide range of hobbies. His activities in addition to his outstanding accomplishments and professional milestones. Cage continues to be an alluring and sophisticated person. He continues to amaze and inspire audiences all around the world despite his fame and fortune.

The facts about Cage offer a glimpse into the actor’s unique and intriguing personality. He highlights his diverse interests and achievements. Whether on or off the screen, Nicolas Cage continues to be an inspiration to fans and a true icon of Hollywood.


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