Ryan Upchurch Wife, Fiancées, Girlfriends, Dating History [2023 Updated]

Ryan Upchurch Wife, Fiancées, Girlfriends, Dating History [2023 Updated]. Ryan Edward Upchurch, known professionally as Upchurch, is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, and comedian. He was born on May 24, 1991, in Cheatham County, Tennessee, near Nashville. Upchurch rose to fame through his comic videos on YouTube as Upchurch the Redneck, in which he played his fictional character of the same name. His videos highlighted his distinct sense of fun and got a large following. In this article we have provided you with Ryan Upchurch biography for you. So, read this entire article to know more about him.

Ryan Upchurch

Ryan Music Career

Upchurch later moved into music, releasing songs and albums in a variety of genres such as country rap, rock, and country. He has adopted a flexible musical style that blends elements from other genres, which has led to his fame and appeal to a wide range of fans. His hits include “Holler Boys,” “Outlaw,” “Dirty South,” and “Can I Get an Outlaw.”

Throughout his music career, he has released several albums and EPs, with each showcasing his evolving musical style and lyrical abilities. His discography includes albums like “Cheatham County,” “Heart of America,” “Son of the South,” “King of Dixie,” and “Parachute,” among others. He has achieved success on various music charts, including the Billboard Top Country Albums and Rap Albums charts.

Ryan Dating History And Girlfriends

Here is an overview of Ryan Upchurch’s dating history and girlfriends:

Brianna Vanvleet: He was in a relationship with Brianna Vanvleet around 2015. They were engaged, and Upchurch expressed his desire to marry her and have children together. However, their relationship ended in divorce.

Ryan Upchurch

Taylor Eileen Smith: He began dating Taylor Eileen Smith around 2020. They got engaged on July 10, 2020, and had plans to get married. They also shared a daughter named Raelynn Ann. However, there are reports suggesting that Upchurch and Smith are no longer together, but the exact reason for their separation is not specified.

Katie Noel: Following his breakup with Smith, Upchurch was in a relationship with singer Katie Noel. They collaborated on a song together called “Hey Boy Hey Girl.” However, it is unclear when exactly their relationship ended.

Ryan Upchurch

Ryan Upchurch Current Wife Or Finacees

As of the information available, Ryan Upchurch is not currently married and does not have a wife. His previous engagement with Brianna Vanvleet ended in divorce, and he has not entered into a marriage with anyone else. This section of article will update once, it is officially disclosed.

Ryan Upchurch Songs

Ryan Upchurch, also known as Upchurch the Redneck, is a versatile artist who has released numerous songs across different genres. Here are some popular songs by Ryan Upchurch:

  1. “Holler Boys”
  2. “Outlaw”
  3. “Dirty South”
  4. “Come and Get It”
  5. “Can I Get a Outlaw”
  6. “Animal”
  7. “Ghost Ranch”
  8. “Rollin Stoned”
  9. “White Lightning”
  10. “Country Way”
  11. “Cheatham County”
  12. “American Made”
  13. “Country Roads”
  14. “Chicken Willie”
  15. “Who”
  16. “Summer Love”
  17. “Sack” (featuring Rizzi Myers)
  18. “Supernatural”
  19. “My Own Lane”

Ryan Upchurch Family, Friends And Siblings

He has a close relationship with his mother, Patty Lynn. However, there have been public disputes and allegations between them regarding financial matters. Not much information is available about his father. Moreover, He has been known to collaborate with various artists and musicians in the music industry. He has also formed friendships within the country rap community and has been seen socializing with fellow artists and performers. On the other hand, There is limited information about his siblings. It is known that he has at least one brother, but further details about his siblings are not readily available.

Ryan Upchurch

Ryan Upchurch Social Media


Lesser Known Information About Ryan Upchurch

  1. He is a musician and comedian from Tennessee, USA.
  2. He gained fame through his comedy videos posted on YouTube.
  3. He has his own clothing brand called Raise Hell and Eat Cornbread..
  4. Upchurch has been involved in controversies and has addressed them publicly.
  5. His net worth is $4 million.
  6. His fans are known as the “Creek Squad” or “Creekers.”
  7. He is known for his authenticity and unique style.


  • Who is Ryan Upchurch?

He is a musician and comedian from Tennessee, USA.

  • Is Ryan Upchurch married?

No,  Upchurch is not currently married.

  • How did Ryan Upchurch become famous?

He gained fame through his comedy videos posted on YouTube.

  • Does Ryan have his own clothing brand?

Yes, he has his own clothing brand called Raise Hell and Eat Cornbread.

  • What is Ryan net worth?

His net worth is $4 million.

  • What are Ryan Upchurch’s fans called?

His fans are known as the “Creek Squad” or “Creekers.”

  • Does he address controversies?

Yes, he has addressed controversies publicly.

  • What is Ryan Upchurch known for?

He is known for his authenticity and unique style of music and comedy.

  • Where is Ryan Upchurch from?

He is from Tennessee, USA.

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