Stephen and Deborah Hung Children, Net Worth and Facts

Stephen and Deborah Hung Children, Wedding, Net Worth: Stephen and Deborah Hung are a rich couple who are going to be flaunting their luxurious lifestyle in the Netflix drama Bling Empire: New York.

Stephen Hung is a Hong Kong-based investment banker and real estate financial planner. Deborah Hung, on the other hand, is a former supermodel from Mexico.

Who Are Stephen and Deborah Hung’s Children?

Sean and Ivan are Stephen Hung’s two children from his most noteworthy marriage.

Sean, the elder son of Stephen and Deborah, has served as Chiron Gathering’s chief and managing partner since roughly 2021. Asian venture organization’s driving force Chiron Gathering is passionate about supporting innovative organizations across the blockchain and cutting-edge resource sectors.

Ivan Hung is Sean’s younger brother and the second child of the money manager Stephen. Sean and Ivan Hung attended Stephen’s ensuing nuptials.

Stephen and Deborah Hung’s Wedding

Deborah traveled to Hong Kong for a holiday after earning her law degree, where they first met. I came from a really traditional background, Deborah gushed over her spouse while speaking to the news site in 2013. She only wanted him to impress her with his intelligence when she first met him. He has this magnetism, she continued. Investors and designers alike are eager to speak with him.

Stephen and Deborah Hung

What is Stephen and Deborah Hung’s Net Worth

Stephen, who has had a protracted career in banking, is one of the wealthiest cast members of the Netflix series. Former Mexican supermodel turned lawyer and socialite, his wife of more than ten years. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Stephen Hung has an astounding net worth of $400 million.

The Hungs appear to have a higher combined net worth, which could be up to USD 2 billion, according to Netflix Life, despite the claimed net worth.

Facts about Stephen and Deborah Hung’s Kids:

  • Sean is the eldest son of Stephen Hung.
  • Sean and Ivan are born to Stephen’s previous wife, they are not Deborah Hung’s biological children.
  • They attended their father’s wedding with Deborah Hung.
  • Sean Hung has graduated from Northeastern University.
  • He is the managing director at Chiron Group.

FAQs About Stephen and Deborah Hung’s Children

  1. Who are Stephen and Deborah Hung’s kids?

Sean and Ivan Hung are the children of Stephen and Deborah Hung.

     2. What do Sean and Ivan Hung do?

Sean and Ivan are also involved in the business just like their father Stephen Hung.

    3. What is the net worth of Stephen and Deborah Hung?

The couple has a combined net worth of $2 billion.

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