The Furrha Family Tree, Wikipedia, Members, Net Worth

The Furrha Family Tree, Wikipedia, Members, Net Worth: The Furrha family is famous for their social media presence. They are famous on TikTok and have gained a majority of followers during the covid-19 pandemic. Later, they shifted to YouTube where they produced longer form content of their family and vlogs. The head of the family is Salem Furrha and he is even known as The Coach. They decided to do TikTok in 2020 when they were locked down in their houses having nothing to do. Within a short duration, they have amassed a fortune of 1 million USD. After Linda’s TikTok video went viral, the family decided to pursue the path of content creation. They have tried to show the world on what the typical large Arab family looks like.

They have received various positive reviews on their social media platform. The subscribers have commented how their videos have helped them to overcome a difficult situation. Let us know more about the Furrha family.

The Furrha Family Tree: Wikipedia and Members:

The Furrha family comprises ten family members and is headed by Salem Furrha. Presently, he is 58 years old. He is even regarded as The Coach and is known to the world because of his funny skits. His children often do not like him in the videos. However, he shifts into a funny way of disciplining his children. He is a strong representation of how Arab fathers are in a family.

Samah Furrha is the female head of the Furrha Family. She is often seen in the videos cooking and organizing for her family. Her children are often inclined to her because she is less strict than Salem Furrha. She has revealed on the vlogs how she met Salem Furrha. The couple met each other in a cosmetic shop in a mall. Presently, she is 43 years old.

Salem Furrha’s Children From First Marriage:

Nader Furrha is the eldest child of the family. Presently, she is 32 years old. He is the first child of Salem Furrha from his previous relationship. He is married to Reem Khaleel and the couple has three children together: Saleem, Ella, and Jenna. Although he lives away from the Furrha family, he often appears in the videos. In addition, he works in the position of the West Coast Operations Manager in RNA Facilities Management.

Fifi Furrha is the second child of Salem Furrha. Presently, she is 31 years old. She is even a content creator and shares an account with Dontstopmeowing with her husband where she shares funny videos. They even sell merchandise related to their cats.

Rush Furrha Junior is the third child. Presently, he is 30 years old. He works as an insurance agent in the Stae Firm in Riverside California. He is married and even has a child.

Hanna Furrha is presently 29 years old and is the fourth child of Salem Furrha. She lives in a different state with her husband Hamzah Sukar and rarely appears in the families’ TikTok videos.

Sammy Furrha is the fifth child and he is 27 years old as of now. He was living with his family but recently moved out. He is even engaged.

Salem Furrha’s Children From The Second Marriage With Samah Furrha:

Linda Furrha is the first child of Salem and Samah Furrah. She is presently 23 years old. She is a social media influencer with a follower base of around 60k followers on her Instagram.

Rekan Furrha is Salem’s seventh child. He is even a content creator like his father. He is now enrolled in the University of Michigan where he studies Bachelor of Business Administration and Mental Health.

Kiess Furrha is the eighth and the youngest child. He is presently 17 years old and is in high school.

The Furrha Family Net Worth:

The Furrha family has a net worth of around 1 million USD. They have started their content creation journey during Covid-19. They have more than 5 million subscribers. Most of their revenue is generated from YouTube and TikTok. In addition, they even earn from brand endorsements and sponsorships.

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Some Lesser Known Facts About The Furrha Family:

  • Coach Furrha is regarded as the Head of the family and an entrepreneur.
  • He and his wife have eight children.
  • They are of Arabic descent.
  • They have an estimated net worth of around 1 million USD.

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