Virat Kohli Caste, Eye Colour, Sister, Tattoos, & Relationships

Virat Kohli Caste, Eye Colour, Sister, Tattoos, & Relationships: Virat Kohli is a well-known name in the sports industry. He is a cricketer from India and plays for the Indian cricket team in various formats of matches. Virat has several records in his name and is also the most famous sportsperson from India on social media platforms.

His fans have always been curious about his caste, eye colour, his sister, the tattoos on his body, and his romantic relationships. All of these have been explored in the article that follows.

Which Caste Is Virat Kohli?

Virat belongs to the Khatri/Kshatriya caste of Hinduism. He was born in Punjab, India so he is better known as belonging to the Punjabi Khatri caste. The question of his caste arose when he was married to Anushka Sharma. People on social media got curious about his caste since Anushka is from a Brahman Hindu family which is revered as upper caste.

However, the two of them did not pay attention to the man-made restrictions. Their marriage has often been called intercaste marriage. Nonetheless, since Virat Kohli plays for the Indian National Team he is more Indian than any other identity which is associated with him.

Virat Kohli Eye Colour

Talking about his eye colour, the colour of Kohli’s eyes is not exactly black. His eyes are dark brown in colour which is liked by many of his fans. He has probably received his dark brown eye colour from his mother’s genetics. His mother Saroj Kohli also seems to have dark brown eyes.

Virat Kohli Eye Colur

Virat Kohli’s Tattoos and Their Meanings

How many tattoos does Virat have and what do they mean? To answer this, Kohli has a total of 12 tattoos on his body. He has a tribal art tattoo on his left forearm. According to him, it symbolized his aggression. It was also the first tattoo he ever got inked.

On his left forearm, Virat Kohli has a tattoo of Lord Shiva. It shows Lord Shiva sitting on Mount Kailash, contemplating the lake Mansarovar in the distance. The cricket player says that since the God of destruction stands for everything he wants to destroy in order to become a better version of himself.

Some of the other tattoos are Scorpio, Monastery, Japanese Samurai, God’s Eye, Om, and Geometric Flower.

However, the most important of his tattoos are the numbers 175 and 269. The cricket player is sporting tattoos of the numbers 175 and 269, which stand for two significant turning points in his career. In 2018, Virat Kohli played his first ODI match against Sri Lanka. That day, he played as the 175th cricketer from India. When he made his Test debut against the West Indies in 2011, he was numbered 269 in that order.

Virat Kohli Tattoos

Who Is Bhawna Kohli Dhingra?

Bhawna Kohli Dhingra is the sole sister of cricketer Virat Kohli. She is an entrepreneur and also handles Virat Kohli’s fashion brand One8Select. Bhawna is married to her husband Sanjay Dhingra who is also a businessman. She also has two children Mehak and Ayush from her marriage.

Bhawna Kohli is also pretty famous on social media. She has a verified account on Instagram.

His Relationships and Dating Affairs

It is well known that Kohli is now married to the love of her life Anushka Sharma. However, she is not the first or only person who has been in his life. Some of the other women Virat has dated are:

  1. Sakshi Agarwal
  2. Tamannah Bhatia
  3. Sanjjana Galrani
  4. Sarah Jane Dias
  5. Izabelle Leite

5 Interesting Facts About Virat

  1. Virat became the first player to score 700 runs in a single World Cup tournament in 2023 with an incredible 765 runs.
  2. He got married to Indian film actress Anushka Sharma on the 11th of December in 2017.
  3. He lost his father in the year 2006.
  4. Virat and Anushka had their first daughter on 11 January 2023, they have named their daughter Vamika.
  5. He turned 35 this year in 2023.

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