Where is Dalia Dippolito Today: Ethnicity And Teeth Condition, Is She Still In Prison?

Where is Dalia Dippolito Today: Ethnicity And Teeth Condition, Is She Still In Prison? Dalia Dippolito has been in the news because of her rollercoaster legal tragedy. She has been condemned as evil and even referred to as a black widow for hiring a hitman to kill her ex-husband. In addition, she is even the daughter of an ex-mafia member. Dalia is the most notorious courthouse celebrity and has ever been a part of a reality show in a quest for fame.

Dalia Dippolito

Contrary to everyone’s opinions of her, her attorney has stated that she is the different Dalia the world knows. Her attorney Brian Claypool has supported her since her first trial and has even mentioned that Dalia Dippolito has a clean slate to commit a brutal crime that the United States has been accusing her of. In addition, she added that Dalia Dippolito is not a career criminal and even has hopes to start her new trial. She is resilient.

Dalia Dippolito

Dalia Dippolito Husband and Murder Attempt

Dalia Dippolito was married to her husband Michael Dippolito. Sources have claimed that she was unhappy with her marriage and wanted her husband’s insurance money. At that time, she was even interested in her husband’s hitman and tried to initiate a plan with him to get away with the murder. The couple has been married for a span of six months.

However, the story took a complete U-turn and she was later imprisoned for a period of 20 years in 2009. Previously, Dalia Dippolito was recorded on a camera in Boynton Beach to hire a hitman to kill her husband. Her friend was present at the moment and reported the same to the police. The police carried out a sting operation to understand her motive and thus, took her to an interrogation room to ask who could have killed her husband. Later, they arrested her for an attempt to commit a first-degree murder.

 Is Dalia Dippolito Still In Prison?

In terms of the murder case, the judge of the case has agreed to her attempt at first-degree murder and has even termed her plans as pure evil. She was even sentenced to a 20-year prison time. Given that Dalia was arrested in 2009. Previously, she was being held at the Lowell Correctional Facility in Marion County, Florida.

Her attorney has even denied the allegations against her and called her innocent. She has even stated that Dalia is resilient and is now opting for new trials.

Previously, Claypool has stated that they were planning to file a motion with the federal judge. They took the decision to review for a third trial. That was the one last chance to give Dalia Dippolito hope to come out of prison. Later, she gave birth to a son and was released on a house arrest in 2016. The child’s father was found to be Robert Davis, a criminal with a long history of battery.

Dalia Dippolito Teeth Condition: What’s Wrong With Her Teeth?

While she has been in the news headlines and in front of the cameras for her murder case, many people have noticed changes in her looks. Some have even commented that her teeth look different. However, there have been no official statements if there is anything wrong with Dalia Dippolito’s teeth. It might be just speculations and her appearance has given rise to the teeth.

Where Is Dalia Dippolito Today in 2023?

Dalia was sentenced to 16 years in prison for a murder attempt on her husband. She was sent to Lowell Correctional Facility in Florida, United States in July 2017. Dalia’s jail term will finish in 2033, she has ten more years to spend in jail from 2023.

Some Lesser Known Facts About Dalia Dippolito:

Dalia Dippolito

  • She tied the knot with her husband Michael Dippolito six months before her murder trial.
  • The main reason for the murder could have been attributed to the fact that she wanted control of her husband’s bank account and the Palm Beach County townhouse.
  • Certain sources have revealed that she wanted her husband out of the picture because she wanted to rekindle her relationship with her boyfriend.
  • Her story has even been broadcast in a reality show named Dateline-Secrets Uncovered episode.
  • Presently, she has been under house arrest since 2016.

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