Where Is Tony Hinchcliffe Wife? His Marital Relationship, Girlfriend And Gay Rumors

Where Is Tony Hinchcliffe’s Wife? His Marital Relationship, Girlfriend, And Gay Rumors: Tony Hinchcliffe is a famous American comedian. Presently, he is working for Comedy Central where he is assigned the position of writing in the Comedy Central Roast Series. In addition, he has even appeared in the All Def Digital Roast of Snoop Dogg where he was the roaster in the show. The show aired in 2016. In addition, he is even an insult comedian.

He has been the host of the podcast Kill Tony. As Tony Hinchcliffe has gained major success in his professional career, people are curious about his personal life and his marital status as of now. This article will delve into his marital status, girlfriend, and his sexual orientation.

Tony Hinchcliffe’s Wife And His Marital Status:

Tony Hinchcliffe

Tony Hinchcliffe has previously announced through his social media platform that he would be marrying Charlotte Jane in 2017. Later, he uploaded a picture of her engagement ring on his Instagram. Many people did not believe him at the moment. So, he made sure that his fans understood that he was on board with the wedding.

It was because of the fact that Tony Hinchcliffe once announced in Joe Rogan’s Podcast in 2015 that he was married. However, no one took him seriously during that time.

Tony Hinchcliffe has often referred to Charlotte Jane as his wife. However, the audience does not have any evidence regarding the statement. In addition, he has even mentioned in a roast battle with his fellow comedian Mike Lawrence where he stated that he married Charlotte Jane in Las Vegas.

Who is Tony Hinchcliffe’s Wife Charlotte Jane?

Tony Hinchcliffe

His rumored wife Charlotte Jane is the wife of the American racer and entrepreneur Bob Jane. In addition, she is even a model and an Instagram influencer. While many people have often questioned the authenticity of their marriage, Charlotte has taken over her Instagram stating that Tony Hinchcliffe is the person she loves. She uploaded the video on May 1, 2021.

Charlotte Jane has around 28.6K followers on his Instagram account. She often shares her bold pictures on her social media platform. There is no more evidence despite her posting a video of Tony Hinchcliffe. So, people are not really certain if they are really married.

Is Tony Still Married?

There has been quite a rumor that Tony and Charlotte Jane are divorced. any fans have shared that the couple do not post much about each other on their social media. In addition, they have not been seen wearing rings since 2018.  He has refrained from sharing pictures of his wife Charlotte and the same is visible the other way around.

Talks have been on the air that his wife has left him for good because he apparently cheated on her. They added that he has cheated on his wife in Philadelphia or Toronto. However, there is no concrete evidence regarding the speculations.

Is Tony Hinchcliffe Gay?

Sources have stated that Tony Hinchcliffe is gay despite his marriage to Charlotte Jane. However, there has been no major evidence to support the claim. Several online platforms have mentioned that he is gay by his sexual orientation because of the way he looks and speaks. But others believe that is likely to be a rumor and that he is straight. Some people have even looked into his dating records to state that he is not gay.

His past dating record has shown that Tony has often been linked with Joanna Jedrzejczyk. He has often mentioned that she is hot. They have been shipped in real life. Joanna has even shared a picture with him on her social media account in 2016. This proves that Tony is far from being queer.

Tony Hinchcliffe has not shied away from sharing details about his dating affairs in his standup comedy shows. He was verbal that he likes to mingle around with American African women.

Some Lesser Known Facts About Tony Hinchcliffe:

  • He was raised by his single mother in Ohio.
  • Tony relocated to Los Angeles to pursue a career in comedy in 2007.
  • He works actively for Comedy Central and has written roasts for Justin Beiber, Rob Lowe, and James Franco.
  • Tony Hinchcliffe was previously caught in a controversy. He commented against Asian people stating that they came to Austin to escape from the bats. It caused quite a stir in the social media. His fans assumed it to be serious.
  • He even insulted Dang Peng, an Asian American comedian calling him a filthy chick. People have often condemned Tony for his racist slur towards Asians.
  • He was rumored to be gay.

Social Media Accounts:

Tony Hinchcliffe: Instagram

Charlotte Jane: Instagram

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