Where Is Vivek Ramaswamy’ Parents From | Know All About His Family and Nationality

Where Is Vivek Ramaswamy’s Parents From | Know All About His Family and Nationality: Vivek Ramaswamy is aiming for the 2024 Republican primaries. He’s Indian-American and went to India in 2015 after he got married. In 2015 was the last time when he stayed for about two weeks and visited temples in Kerala. Vivek Ramaswamy used to be a very rich biotech executive. Now, he’s trying for the 2024 Republican nomination for president.

Where Is Vivek Ramaswamy' Parents From | Know All About His Family and Nationality

Who Are Vivek Ramaswamy’s Parents? His Family Members

Where Is Vivek Ramaswamy' Parents From | Know All About His Family and Nationality

Vivek was born to his parents who came from India and practiced the Hindu religion. His dad, V. Ganapathy Ramaswamy, worked as an engineer and patent attorney at a company called General Electric. His mom, Geetha Ramaswamy, was a doctor who specialized in helping elderly people. They had a family house in a place called Vadakkencherry.

During his summer breaks, Vivek would go to India with his parents. His dad shared in a piece of news to News18 Malayalam and said that their family was like any other regular family. Vivek and his younger brother were both curious about Indian culture.

Vivek shared that his dad gave him important advice when he was growing up. His dad said, “If you’re going to be different, then be really good at it.” This advice stuck with Vivek throughout his life.

Where is Vivek Ramaswamy’s Parents from?

Vivek’s parents, VG Ramaswamy and Geetha Ramaswamy lived in the pretty state of Kerala, in the Palakkad district. They were like strong pillars, supporting him all along. Their story, and dreams, always inspired Vivek. He felt really happy and proud when they talked about his achievements and dreams. They always stressed how important family and heritage were.

Vivek remembers his dad’s wise words, which were, ‘If you want to be noticed, then be really amazing at what you do.’ His father gave him this good advice for life.

Vivek Ramaswamy Brother Shankar Ramaswamy

Vivek Ramaswamy grew up with one brother named Shankar Ramaswamy. On his LinkedIn profile, it says, “Dr. Ramaswamy is the Co-Founder and CEO of Kriya Therapeutics. This company creates new treatments using genes. Kriya wants to change how these treatments are made, becoming faster and cheaper. The company makes many different treatments for diseases. Right now, they’re working on illnesses like metabolism issues, eye problems, and cancer.”

Before, Dr. Ramaswamy was part of the early foundation team at Roivant Sciences. They were responsible for finding and checking different things in medicine and after some time started a new company related to it. After that, they became the main business head at Axovant Gene Therapies. Dr. Ramaswamy studied medicine at Brown University and economics at Harvard University when they were younger.

Vivek Ramaswamy’s Wife:

Apoorva Tewari Ramaswamy is Vivek’s spouse. They got to know each other when they were studying at Yale University. Apoorva has a job as an assistant professor and also works as a doctor at a Medical Center. Vivek and Apoorva are parents to two kids whose names are Kartik and Arjun respectively.

Some Less-Known Facts About Vivek:

  • He’s aiming for the 2024 Republican primaries and wants to be President.
  • His parents are from southern India.
  • He studied biology at Harvard University and later went to Yale Law School.
  • Vivek Ramaswamy has a younger brother, Shankar Ramaswamy, who’s in gene therapy.
  • He is married to Apoorva Tewari Ramaswamy, whom he met at Yale University.
  • Vivek is gaining recognition as a prominent Presidential candidate.


1. Where is Vivek Ramaswamy from?

Vivek Ramaswamy was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA, but his parents are originally from southern India.

2. What did Vivek study?

He studied biology at Harvard University and later attended Yale Law School.

3. What is Vivek’s career background?

He worked as an intern at Goldman Sachs and Amaranth Advisors. He also founded Roivant Sciences in 2014 and later started his own company, Strive.

4. Who are Vivek Ramaswamy’s parents?

His father, V. Ganapathy Ramaswamy, was an engineer and patent attorney, and his mother, Geetha Ramaswamy, was a doctor.

5. Who is Vivek’s younger brother?

Vivek’s younger brother is named Shankar Ramaswamy. He is involved in gene therapy research.

6. Who is Vivek Ramaswamy’s wife?

Vivek is married to Apoorva Tewari Ramaswamy, who is an assistant professor and doctor.

7. How many children does Vivek Ramaswamy have?

Vivek and Apoorva have two children.

8. When did Vivek announce his run for President?

Vivek announced his candidacy for the 2024 U.S. Presidential election on February 21, 2023.

9. What was Vivek’s previous political consideration?

He thought about running for the U.S. Senate in 2022 but ultimately decided against it.

10. Is Vivek active on social media?

Yes, he is active on Instagram.

11. What is Vivek’s Nationality?

As per our latest records, he holds American Nationality.

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