Who Are Shane Gillis Sisters? Meet Sarah and Kait Gillis

Who Are Shane Gillis Sisters? Meet Sarah and Kait Gillis: Shane Gillis, an American comedian, YouTuber, and podcaster, gained considerable fame but also faced controversy for his appearance on the SNL show in 2019. Due to certain remarks made during the show, he was forced to depart from the cast. Notably, public interest has extended beyond Shane himself and delved into his family dynamics, specifically his sisters. This blog post aims to provide deeper insights into Shane Gillis and shed light on these aspects of his life.

Who Are Shane Gillis Sisters? Meet Sarah and Kait Gillis

Shane Gillis Parents:

Shane Gillis, also known by his online­ handle @shanemgillis, frequently jokes about his parents in his comedy routines. The comedian frequently mentions his parents, Joan Gillis and Philip Gillis. When he takes the stage, Shane finds joy in infusing laughter into a story centered around his mom and dad, creating an atmosphere of good-natured amusement.

Shane Gillis Sisters:

Sarah and Kait Gillis are Shane’s sisters. Additionally, there is another sister in their family whose name is Gillis. All of them spent their childhood together in Pennsylvania, attending the same high school and cherishing many delightful memories from their early years.

During the winter or family gatherings, the three siblings always find time to be together. Despite Shane’s busy schedule with his comedy tours, he never fails to prioritize his sister’s visits and cover the expenses.

Shane Gillis Sister: Kait Gills

Kait Gillis, who is the sister of Shane Gillis, leads the Brethren Housing Association (BHA) as the executive director. The BHA is a charity that helps families without homes find a stable place to live.

Who Are Shane Gillis Sisters? Meet Sarah and Kait Gillis

After completing her studies at Susquehanna Unive­rsity, she obtained a bachelor’s degree in corporate communications. Subse­quently, she embarke­d on her professional journey as a me­dia relations specialist at Merrill Lynch. In 2009, she pursued higher education and successfully earned an MBA from Villanova. By May of 2012, she had advance­d to the role of Deputy Pre­ss Secretary for the De­partment of Health.

In November 2013, after acquiring her MBA degree, Kait shifted to a new position as the director of communications for the Department of Human Services. Demonstrating de­dication and commitment, she dedicate­d four years and two months to this role before joining the Mendoza Group—a marketing company that greatly benefited from her extensive 17-ye­ar experience.

Continuing to excel professionally, Kait late­r assumed the este­emed position of exe­cutive director at the BHA. Drawing upon her rich expertise and knowledge accumulated over time, she skillfully led their efforts with remarkable success.

Shane Gillis Sister: Sarah

Sarah Gillis is Shane Gillis’ second sister.

Sarah, a resident of Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, is known as the production designer at Carnegie Mellon University. In her current role, her responsibility involves conceptualizing and implementing ideas that enhance the university’s overall appeal. Despite her numerous commitments, Sarah consciously chooses to maintain a strong bond with her hometown by continuing to reside there.

She went to Trinity High School for her education. In the past, she had a job at the Above All Grand Salon & Spa.

On October 13, 2013, Sarah and her partner took their daughter GLO to a water park near their home in Pennsylvania. They put pictures on Facebook with a big yellow duck in the background of each one.

Now, she lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, with her husband and their daughter GLO. They often go to events and festivals together as a family.

Shane Gillis Net Worth:

Unfortunately, his official net worth is not revealed yet. But we’re expecting that he has a net worth of approx $400 thousand. We’ll update the official net worth as soon we get the information.

Who Are Shane Gillis Sisters? Meet Sarah and Kait Gillis

Less Known facts:

  • Shane Gillis, comedian, known for controversial SNL appearance in 2019.
  • Shane’s humor explores bold and sensitive topics in comedy.
  • Shane has two sisters: Kait, an executive director; and Sarah, a production designer.
  • Despite a busy schedule, Shane values family gatherings highly.
  • Kait Gillis leads a charity helping homeless families to find stable housing.
  • Kait holds an MBA and worked in health and communications.
  • Sarah Gillis designs visuals for Carnegie Mellon University.


1. Who is Shane Gillis?

Shane Gillis is an American comedian, YouTuber, and podcaster known for his bold humor and brief appearance on “Saturday Night Live” in 2019.

2. How old is Shane Gillis?

As of 2023, Shane Gillis is 35 years old, born on December 11, 1987.

3. Who are Shane Gillis’ parents?

Shane’s parents are Joan Gillis and Philip Gillis, who are occasionally featured in his comedy routines.

4. How many siblings does Shane Gillis have?

Shane has two sisters, Sarah and Kait Gillis, with whom he shares his childhood memories.

5. What is Kait Gillis’ occupation?

Kait Gillis serves as the executive director of the Brethren Housing Association (BHA), a charity dedicated to helping homeless families find stable housing.

6. What is Sarah Gillis’ profession?

Sarah Gillis works as a production designer at Carnegie Mellon University, where she designs visual concepts for the institution.

7. Where did Shane Gillis and his sisters grow up?

Shane and his sisters grew up in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, and attended the same high school, Trinity High School.

8. Do Shane Gillis and his sisters stay connected despite his busy schedule?

Yes, Shane makes it a priority to spend time with his sisters during family gatherings and special occasions.

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