Who Is Nurys Mateo Boyfriend| All About Her Love Life

Who Is Nurys Mateo’s Boyfriend| All About Her Love Life: Nurys Mateo is an American reality TV star. She has appeared in multiple shows and series. Some of her notable works her Ex on The Beach, Are You The One, and Cardi B Up (2021). She has been in the spotlight as she has recently revealed that she has found love on the MTV Show The Challenge. Let us know more about her love life.

Nurys Mateo Boyfriend:

Nurys Mateo’s boyfriend is Horacio Gutierrez. Both of them met on the sets of the MTV Reality Show The Challenge. Although not all show relationships have lasted, Nurys and Horacio have gone ahead with their relationship. In addition, they have even gone public by sharing a social media post. Nurys Mateo shared a post on her Instagram on September 12, 2023, where she wrote about dating him. he has shared that dating him is like bringing in a playful childishness, makes her laugh and most importantly, makes her feel a little more loved on the days when she does not feel lovable.

Nurys Mateo has not directly revealed his name on her social media posts. However, she indicated Horacio as the mystery man. She even bragged about how he brought her to the airport and took her to skydiving.

Later, she shared a post revealing officially that she is Horacio’s girlfriend. She made a cute setup that looked like an anniversary or Valentine’s Day backdrop. There were large silver balloon letters on the wall spelling out “Quieres Ser Mi Novia,”. It translates to “Do you want to be my girlfriend?”

Recently, she has even uploaded a picture of themselves clarifying their fans’ queries if they are still in a relationship.

Nurys Mateo Past Relationships:

Nurys Mateo and Jordon Wisely
Nurys Mateo and Jordon Wisely

Nurys Mateo has previously dated Nelson Thomas. During that time, she appeared on the show Ride Or Die Season 38 where she has created many shomances. Her prominent showmance situations during that season started with fellow rookie Johnny Middlebrooks. Later, that turned into a messy love triangle with plenty of drama involving Johnny’s teammate, Ravyn Rochelle. Later, she even dated Jordon Wisely, which created quite a controversy with his ex. Despite her many showmances with Jordon and Johny, neither turned out to be more than friendship.

She was even in a relationship with Malcolm Drummer, the drummer on the show Are You The One Season 2.

Some Lesser Known Facts About Nurys Mateo:

Nurys Mateo

  • She was born on February 13, 1995, in Bronx, New York.
  • Her father’s name is Jaseo Mateo.
  • Nurys is still in a relationship with her fellow castmate, Horacio Gutierrez. The couple went public with their relationship on September 12, 2023.
  • Horacio had a showmance with Laurel Stucky on Ride or Die which did not last.
  • Nurys’ net worth has been estimated to be around 2 million USD.

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