Who Is Nymoussy aka Hana Macchia? Her Real Name And Face Revealed

Who Is Nymoussy aka Hana Macchia? Her Real Name And Face Revealed: Nymoussy also known by the name Hana Macchia is a VTuber which means she is a virtual YouTuber. She is famous for creating amazing content. In addition, she is even a member of the Nijisanji ID Branch and is famous for her versatile personality. Hana Macchia has demonstrated her character to be a kind and curious-natured person through her videos. She has aimed to create an interesting and safe space for her audience who enjoys her content and this has attracted a wide range of followers as well. She has a significant number of followers, accounting for over 200K YouTube subscribers. Hana Macchia has gained a huge fan base within four years of her YouTube debut.

Hana Macchia

Nymoussy Aka Hana Macchia Real Name:

The Vtuber goes by the name Hana Macchia. However, it is not yet clear if it is originally the name of the Vtuber or if she has taken up the false name. Celebrities often go by their nicknames because of the fear of receiving hatred on the internet or focusing on their work. Hana Macchia is a college student who was 21 years old at the time of her debut. In addition, she is a member of the Nijisanji group. She debuted as an  ID 1st generation along with Taka Rajiman and Zea Cornelia on September 19, 2019. She has often stated in her videos that since she is a design student, she likes to use her drawing for video illustrations. Her main content involves games, small talk, and broadcasting her pictures.

Hana has even revealed that she enjoys coffee and that she might end up being a barista. Her father is Japanese and her mother is American. Presently, she lives in Indonesia and she has the freedom to talk in three languages through her videos.

Hana Macchia Real Face:

Despite being on YouTube for four years and accumulating a large number of followers, Hana Macchia has not yet revealed her real face to the public yet. Despite that, her animated looks and personality belong to the cute side and she is a shy kind of person. She has a weak will as she often bursts into tears when she encounters a new challenge during the game. Her fans have called her personality as cute, charismatic, kind, and curious. However, Hana has not yet revealed her face even on her social media accounts. It might be because of her privacy reasons.

Hana Macchia Net Worth:

She has amassed around 292K followers on her YouTube. In addition, she is active on Twitter as well. Her net worth has been estimated to be around 259 K USD. The main source of her income is live streaming on YouTube. She has emerged to be one of the most prominent VTubers.

Some Lesser Known Facts About Hana:

  • She has a height of around 158 cm.
  • Hana is trilingual.
  • She loves coffee and expressed her desire to be a barista.
  • Her net worth is estimated to be around 259K USD.

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