Who is Oompaville Girlfriend? Age and Relationships of Musician

Who is Oompaville’s Girlfriend? Age and Relationships of the Musician: Oompaville, known by the real name Caleb Hunter Phelps is a prominent American social media influencer and a Youtuber. He started off his YouTube channel in 2010 and holds around 2.6 million subscribers. Previously, his content revolved around uploading videos of him playing and exploring different video games. However, he expanded his content and started to include videos of other genres including pulling pranks, challenges, and other fun topics. As he has gained a huge fan following on his social media accounts, people are curious to know more about him and his personal life.

Oompaville’s Real Name and Age

Oompaville is known by the name of Caleb Hunter Phelps. He was born and brought up in Virginia, United States of America, and holds American nationality. He was born on August 29, 1996. Presently, he is 27 years old.

Since his childhood, he was interested in numerous co-curricular activities when he attended his local elementary school. He often devoted most of his time to video games and often engaged in playing soccer and basketball. It is evident that he has often been interested in sports and wanted to make a career involving that.

As a result, he started his own YouTube channel where he uploaded his videos of playing and exploring different video games. He uploaded his first video in 2014, four years later after he launched his own YouTube channel. Ooompaville has worked in various gigs to make a career for himself.


Oompaville’s Career and Net Worth

Previously, Oompaville started his career as a Twitcher. But, later he decided to shift to YouTube as he was not getting many views on the social media platform. Presently, he has even made a followers base on his Instagram where he has amassed around 80K followers. Additionally, he is active on TikTok with around 300K followers as well as Twitter. He often tweets multiple times a day. But his primary source of earnings is his YouTube career which has around 2.6 million subscribers.

Oompaville has even tried to diversify his career and started his own candy company named Sourboys where he works as the CEO with the YouTuber Riftyish. In addition, he has tried to expand his influence in the music and film industry.

Previously, in 2020, he even composed a short music video titled  “Hardy: Give Heaven Some Hell”. His net worth has been estimated to be more than 1 million USD.

Who Is Oompaville’s Girlfriend? KallMeKris

Previously, he was in a relationship with a girl named Shyane. He has featured her in his video titled ‘I Tried Using Awful Life Hacks to Make My Girlfriend Hotter’. The video has gained millions of views within a few days. However, it is no longer available. Fans have been wondering if the couple have broken up. However, he has been extremely secretive about his relationship. Furthermore, he once revealed in 2021 that one of his New Year Resolutions was to lose his virginity by 2021. But, it is not yet made aware if it was a joke.

Presently, Oompaville is single and not married to anyone according to his social media accounts.


Several sources have reported that there has been a spark between him and KallMeKris. The latter is a YouTuber hailing from Columbia, Canada. Her recent video titled Blowing Stuffs Up With My Boyfriend has made their fans speculate that something is brewing between the duo and they might be actually in a relationship. However, there has been no rigid conclusion from the YouTubers. Even though it might be just a playful banter or collaboration, their chemistry was not unnoticed by their fans.

Some Lesser Known Facts About Oompaville

  • He is also known by the name Papa Oompsie.
  • Oompaville owns two dogs named Frankie and Pip. He is even a cat lover and owns two cats.
  • He has even composed a short music video and has been planning to make his debut in the film industry.
  • Previously, he relocated to Frisco, Texas with his girlfriend Shyane.

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