Who is Stavros Halkias Girlfriend? His Dating Life and Relationships

Who is Stavros Halkias’s Girlfriend? His Dating Life and Relationships: Stavros Halkias is a standup comedian and a podcaster. He is known for his notable works on Adult Swim, IFC, MSG Network’s People Talking Sports, and Other Stuff. In addition, he has even appeared in the Comedy Central Series Comedy Central Stand Up. He has even appeared in Life Fails, and Sex Fails. But recently, he has been under the spotlight because of his personal life. His fans are curious to know more about who he is dating and his past relationships. Let us know more about him.

Stavros Halkias Girlfriend: Who Is He Dating?

Stavros Halkias is a podcaster and has talked about multiple topics but not a single word about his dating life. Also, we are unaware of his relationship status. It is not yet known if he is dating anyone or is single. He has gained popularity because of being the co-host of the Cum Town podcast. However, he has not revealed anything about his relationship status throughout the show.

Stavros Halkias is opinionated and likes to indulge in several topics. But he has maintained a deep silence about his relationship. But there have been multiple relationship rumors surrounding him. There have been talks in the town that he is presently in a relationship with Rachel Anne Senott. But there has been no rigid evidence supporting the conjecture. The fans believed that they were dating because Rachel had previously mentioned that her college lover had convinced her to pursue a career in comedy. Although her relationship did not last, her pursuit of comedy did. She is regarded as one of the prominent comedians in the entertainment industry.

Like Stavros Halkias, Rachel Anne Senott is an American stand-up comedian. In addition, she has even appeared in the short film Shiva Baby. She was even regarded as one of the top comics to watch in 2019.

As both of the individuals are from the same industry, friends keep shipping their idols. It is not a new thing. However, there is no concrete evidence about his relationship with Rachel Sennott or if they were just friends.

Stavros Halkias Past Relationships: Adam Friedland

There have been many speculations about his sexual orientation. Some fans have taken over the internet where they have said that Stavros can be gay and has a thing going on with the co-host of the Cum Town Podcast, Adam Friedland. However, Adam has cleared all the rumors calling Stavros his brother during his farewell from the show.

It is worth mentioning that Stavros Halkias has left Cum Town and he has made an announcement to his fans that his term has come to an end in the show.

Stavros Halkias is an extremely private person. No clear conclusions can be made about his relationship status. His social media accounts are inclined towards his professional life. It is yet to know what is his sexual orientation and if he is dating someone.

Some Lesser Known Facts About Stavros:

  • He was born and brought up in Baltimore, Maryland.
  • Presently, he is 34 years old.
  • He started taking part in standup comedy during his college years.
  • He is known for his notable works on Adult Swim, IFC, MSG Network’s People Talking Sports, and Other Stuff.

Social Media Accounts:


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