Remember Ding A Ling From “Bobby I Love You Purr”? Fans Notice Something Wrong With His Health

Remember Ding A Ling From “Bobby I Love You Purr”? Fans Notice Something Wrong With His Health:  Ding A Ling is known by the real name Bakari Kyle. He is one of the fifteen men in the LGBTQ Reality TV Show named “Bobby I Love You Purr” where they compete for Bobby’s affection. The protagonist of the show is Bobby Lytes of Love and Hip Hop. He has become a Miami sensation through his music videos. The show was launched on August 21, 2022, on Zeus Network. The show has received much attention from the public and Ding A Ling has made it to the spotlight. Recently, he has been under the spotlight when the media found that something was wrong with his health.

Fans have thought that Ding A Ling has been suffering from cancer. The show has recently revealed some sort of physical altercation between Bobby Lytes and Bakari Kyle.

Bobby I Love You Purr has returned to the television with their reunion series. The series has come off with lots of drama this time. Previously it was broadcast on 13 November 2022. Recently, Ding A Link has sputtered many things to Bobby in the heat of the moment which has made quite a sensation on the internet. The conversation has even revealed Ding A Ling’s health condition. The news has concerned fans all around the world.

What Is Wrong With Ding A Ling’s Health?

Ding A Ling

Ding A Ling has previously revealed in an argument that he was going to die from an illness after he had a fight with Bobby Lytes. In the first season of Bobby I Love You Purr, Fifteen men competed for Bobby’s affection in the show. Jameson Strachan won the show in the first season. However, a big fight happened between Bobby and the other contestants in their reunion.

In addition, Ding A Ling has even appeared in the media after he punched Bobby after their heated argument. Consequently, Bobby asked him why was he going to die which gave rise to the allegations that there was something wrong with Ding A Ling’s health. Fans have come to the conclusion that he was suffering from cancer.

Jameson Strachan, also known as the Island Boi has revealed in his Instagram live that Ding A Ling Punched Bobby after he talked about his cancer and how he was dying slowly. But the video footage clearly showed that Ding A Ling punched Bobby first and later, Bobby opened up about his condition.

The duo has never shared a peaceful relationship. The first season even showed a feud between Ding A Ling and Bobby Lytes when the latter brought out the topic of Ling’s deceased daughter. Later, he even apologized publicly to Bakari about the incident. He has taken to the internet to apologize for the rude things he has said to him.

Ding A Ling Addresses His Cancer Rumors:

Ding A Ling has been found to suffer from cancer. However, he has denied answering any questions related to his health on the Armo Wiggins show. He has politely declined saying that he does not want to talk about it. Many TikTok and Twitter videos have shown that Bakari Kyle has been suffering from cancer. However, there is no rigid evidence to support the claim as Ding A Ling has not opened up about his situation. One of the audience has stated that he was suffering from brain cancer while the other mentioned that he was in the terminal stage and that he had stopped taking treatments.

How True Is Ding A Ling’s Cancer News:

Sources have revealed that Ding a Ling had to leave the sets of Bobby I Love You Purr before the seventh elimination because he fell ill and had to be hospitalized immediately. There has not been any news about his illness. However, the news that he has cancer recently came out after he had an altercation with Bobby.

Thus, the sudden hospitalization and Bobby’s comment on their fight stating “That’s why you are dying” may incline to the fact that Barbari Kyle aka Ding A Ling is suffering from cancer. If the statements of his fans are true, he might immediately seek medical help. We pray that he will recover soon.

Some Lesser Known Facts About Ding A Ling:

  • Ding A Ling was born and brought up in Oakland, California, United States of America.
  • He is even a rapper and has performed multiple songs like Feelings, Nowhere, and Nightmares in Miami.
  • He is not very active on his social media handles.
  • In addition, he even runs a YouTube channel with around 700 subscribers so far. He uploads short videos on his channel.
  • His age might be between 30 to 35 years.
  • He stands tall at a height of 5 feet and 8 inches.

Social Media Accounts:

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