Who is Thabo Bester? Biography, Wiki, Age, Wife, Crimes, Net Worth

Thabo Bester, popularly referred to as the “Facebook rapist,” is a prominent felon from South Africa who perpetrated horrifying acts that attracted considerable publicity. In 2012, the court found him guilty of raping and killing his model lover Nomfundo. Thabo used Facebook in particular to use social media to lure women with the prospect of international modelling employment before robbing and assaulting them sexually at knifepoint.

Thabo Bester has no ID but is South African based on criminal record, fingerprints - cops | News24

In 2022, Bester faked his death to escape from jail and managed to elude capture for a year before authorities caught him in Tanzania in April 2023 following a two-week manhunt. His past paints a picture of him as a dangerous and unstable guy who inflicted tremendous suffering on his victims and the larger society. His narrative has had a significant impact on the nation.

Who is Thabo Bester?

Thabo Bester, also known as the “Facebook rapist”, is a convicted rapist from South Africa. He gained notoriety for using social media platforms to lure his victims. In 2012, the court found him guilty of raping and murdering his model girlfriend, Nomfundo Tyhulu.

Thabo Bester: South Africa's 'Facebook rapist' deported from Tanzania - BBC News

Bester reportedly perished in a fire in his cell at the Bloemfontein-based Mangaung Correctional Center in March 2022, according to sources. In an unexpected turn of events, authorities apprehended him in April 2023 in the border town of Arusha, Tanzania, after he allegedly escaped from South Africa. Bester had faked his own death to escape from jail, and he remained free for a year before being apprehended.

President Ramaphosa disturbed by Thabo Bester escape | eNCA

Bester’s escape outraged South Africa, a country with one of the worst rates of sexual assault in the world. The capture of Bester finally puts to rest the suffering of the victims and their families as a result of his horrible actions.

Thabo Bester WIKI TABLE

Information Details
Full Name Thabo Bester
Profession Criminal
Nick Name Thomas Motsepe
Age 43 Years Old
Date Of Birth/Birthday 5 November 1979
Religion/Caste Christian
Zodiac/Sun Sign Scorpio
Nationality South African
Birth Place Gauteng in Johannesburg, South Africa
Residence South Africa
Marital Status Yet to be Updated
Partner Dr Nandipha Mogudumana
Children Yet to be Updated
School Name Local High School
College Name Under Review
Parents Mother- Maria Mabaso, Father -Under Review
Net Worth Under Review


Early Age & Education

Thabo’s rape and murder offences earned him notoriety. Despite some confusion over his birth year, some sources claim he was born in 1988. Unfortunately, there is no information accessible concerning his academic history.

Fugitive Thabo Bester re-arrested | eNCA

Thabo faked his own death in order to escape from a South African prison in 2022. He managed to evade capture for a full year until authorities caught him again in Tanzania in 2023. His account has shocked and horrified South Africa and his biography have sparked questions about his history and upbringing.

According to reports, he received his schooling at a nearby high school. Thabo’s history suggests that he is a wounded, traumatised person who has committed terrible things.

Family of Thabo Bester

In 2022, Thabo Bester made headlines again by escaping from prison using a fake death scheme. However, there is not a lot of information about his family and parents.

Media reports suggest that Bester’s father, Nandipha Magudumana, appeared in court concerning his son’s prison break. Nonetheless, details regarding Bester’s family background are hard to come by.

Wife & Children

The information centres around Dr Nandipha Magudumana, who is allegedly the spouse of Thabo Bester and is referred to as his “celebrity wife” in some sources. Customarily, following the supposed jail fire in 2022, Dr Nandipha Magudumana claimed the body of Thabo Bester from the mortuary.

Although some sources refer to Dr Nandipha Magudumana as his “customary law wife,” it remains unclear whether they were formally wed. The search results do not contain any information regarding Bester’s children.

His Relationship With Magudumana

Online reports claim that Thabo Bester, a convicted murderer and rapist who escaped from jail in May 2022, has ties to socialite doctor Dr Nandipha Magudumana. Reports of Bester and Dr Magudumana being together surfaced after Bester was allegedly killed in a jail fire.

Thabo Bester expected in the dock in Bloemfontein later today

In addition, authorities charged her with lying to the court and staging Bester’s death to aid in his jailbreak. They accused her and Bester of operating a building firm hoax called “Arum Properties” and scamming people out of millions of dollars. It’s worth noting that Dr Magudumana is not currently listed as a doctor with the Health Professions Council of South Africa.

In April 2023, the authorities apprehended Bester and Dr Magudumana in Tanzania.

Bester was detained as the main suspect and Dr Magudumana as his accomplice. Their relationship’s depth and present legal standing are still unknown, though.

Conviction & Current Location

Thabo Bester faked his own death to escape from jail. Authorities subsequently apprehended him in Tanzania, where he was convicted of two charges of rape and murder. His case made him famous as the “Facebook rapist.” His age has been the subject of conflicting accounts, with some sources claiming he was born in 1988 and others in 1979.

The public was stunned upon learning of Thabo Bester’s escape, which prompted negotiations between Tanzanian and South African officials regarding his extradition to South Africa. As of April 13, 2023, Thabo Bester is still alive and was captured in Tanzania after escaping from a South African jail.

The Thabo Bester case highlights the importance of foreign authorities working together and law enforcement remaining vigilant. Bester’s flight and subsequent capture in Tanzania illustrate the difficulty of pursuing criminals across international borders and the need for efficient extradition processes.

It also emphasises how important it is to keep working to strengthen prison security and stop dangerous inmates from eluding capture and endangering society.

What Happened Between Thabo Bester & Pearl Thusi?

Media personality and actress Pearl Thusi appears to have had an encounter with Thabo Bester, also known as the “Facebook rapist”, according to online sources. A convicted rapist and murderer, Bester escaped from a South African prison in 2010 by faking his own death but was later arrested in Tanzania.

Thabo Bester: Pearl's chilling encounter with 'Facebook Rapist'

Reports indicate that Thabo Bester and Pearl Thusi met in June 2011, at which time Bester was indicted on 30 counts, including rape, abduction, and murder. Bester has recruited wannabe models on Facebook. Evidently, Pearl Thusi made an effort to assist Bester at this time.

While incarcerated, Bester operated a multi-million rand fraud enterprise while assuming the title of “chairman” of 21st Century Media. It is still unclear what happened between Thusi and Bester because more information about their individual encounter is not provided in the search results.

The Thabo Bester case serves as a reminder of the risks posed by online predators and the necessity of exercising caution when using social media. Although it is unclear how Pearl Thusi and Thabo Bester are connected, it is heartening to see people volunteering to aid others in need.

Net Worth of Thabo Bester

Thabo lured his victims using Facebook. In 2012, a court found him guilty of raping and killing his model lover Nomfundo, and after escaping from a South African prison, he spent a year on the run. Furthermore, the court found him guilty of murdering one woman and raping two others.

Government knew Thabo Bester had escaped, but did nothing | GroundUp

In March 2023, reports revealed that Thabo had been co-running the phoney-building firm Arum Properties with well-known physician Nandipha Magudumana. The pair defrauded a number of individuals by getting them to pay millions of rand for building projects they never completed. Thabo reportedly has a net worth of $500K, which he amassed in dishonest and unfair ways.

Thabo has a reputation for committing crimes, and his present engagement in a sham construction firm serves as further evidence of his disrespect for the law and lack of remorse. It is regrettable that he still engages in illegal activity, harming innocent individuals and ruining South Africa’s good name.

Facts about Thabo Bester

  • Thabo Bester was able to escape from a prison in South Africa and remained a fugitive for one year until he was eventually apprehended in Tanzania.
  • Bester used his Facebook account to deceive two women by offering them modelling jobs abroad, but instead, he robbed and sexually assaulted them using a knife.
  • Bester’s story has left many people in shock and has raised questions about his life story, revealing that he had experienced significant emotional and psychological trauma.
  • Bester was caught in the border town of Arusha, Tanzania, after attempting to flee the country.
  • Following a two-week manhunt, Bester was arrested and taken into custody.
  • The international media has reported extensively on Bester’s case, with news outlets such as BBC, CNN, ABC News, and Bloomberg providing coverage.
  • South African officials travelled to Tanzania to begin extradition proceedings against Bester.
  • Bester’s father was also brought before the court in connection with his son’s prison escape.
  • Bester had been serving a life sentence for murder and a series of rapes before his prison break.
  • After Bester’s escape, the South African authorities assumed control of the maximum-security prison. This was where he had been held, which was previously run by a private British security firm.
  • The severity of Bester’s crimes and the legal consequences that he now faces have been highlighted by his case.

Q: Who is Thabo Bester?

A: Thabo Bester is a convicted rapist and murderer from South Africa.


Q: What crimes has Thabo Bester been convicted of?

A: Thabo Bester has been convicted of rape and murder.


Q: How did Thabo Bester escape from prison?

A: Thabo Bester escaped from a privately-run maximum security prison in South Africa by faking his death in 2022.


Q: What is the current status of Thabo Bester?

A: As of April 2023, Thabo Bester has been arrested in Tanzania. He is in the process of being extradited to South Africa to face justice for his crimes.

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