What Happened To Kaitlan Collins’ Mouth? Photos Of Weird Smiley Face

Kaitlan Collins Mouth, Surgery, Smile: Kaitlan Collins is a popular American journalist and former Chief White House Correspondent for CNN. Recently her photos with a weird smiley face started doing rounds on social media which caught the attention of her viewers.

The Internet is divided behind the cause of it. Some of them have claimed that it is due to the oral surgery she underwent while some termed it natural.

What Happened To Kaitlan Collin’s Mouth?

The recent photos of Kaitlan that surfaced in the media did not look like a genuine smile. Her weird smiley face was termed a conceited smile. The eyes usually get affected and squint a little while smiling. But a conceited smile or a sarcastic smile does not involve many facial muscles.  This kind of smirk is usually seen as unfriendly and with a hidden motive.

Did Kaitland Have A Mouth Surgery

Kaitlan’s smile which did not appear to be original bothered a lot of her viewers. The smile which looked more like a smirk started a rumor on the internet. There have been claims that Kaitlan Collin has undergone mouth surgery.

However, the journalist has not confirmed any such news and it is likely to remain a baseless rumor. Her adversaries have also called her smile a mask behind which her “real face” is hidden.

Photos of Her Weird Smiley Face

Kaitlan Collins Smile Face


Kaitlan Collins Weird Smile Face

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