Who owns High Noon? Dave Portnoy or Barstool or Who?

Who owns High Noon? Dave Portnoy or Barstool or Who?  Dave Portnoy or Barstool or Who? High Noon, a popular hard seltzer brand, has gained significant attention in recent years. Alongside its rising popularity, rumors have swirled about the ownership of High Noon, with some speculating that Dave Portnoy or Barstool Sports might be the owners.

High Noon

Ownership Clarified

Contrary to rumors, neither Barstool Sports nor Dave Portnoy are the owners of High Noon. The well-known wine and liquor corporation E. & J. Gallo Winery really owns the hard seltzer brand. A significant participant in the beverage sector known for its extensive product line is E. & J. Gallo. One of their profitable business, High Noon, has become well-known for its distinctive qualities and tastes.

High Noon’s Unique Qualities

The fact that High Noon uses genuine juice and vodka in its products sets it apart from other hard seltzer manufacturers. High Noon’s dedication to using actual ingredients makes for a more realistic and savory drinking experience than many of its rivals, who frequently use malt liquor and synthetic tastes. High Noon is also free of gluten and has no added sugar, making it a popular option among customers who care about their health.

Partnership with Barstool Sports

Although Barstool Sports does not own High Noon, the two businesses do have a close working relationship. High Noon has benefited greatly from promotion by Barstool Sports, a well-known provider of sports media, as well as from increased brand awareness. In order to increase the Seltzer brand’s exposure and popularity within Barstool Sports’ devoted fans, High Noon and Barstool Sports partnered in 2020.

High Noon

The Impact of the Partnership

The partnership between High Noon and Barstool Sports has been a success, bringing the brand’s visibility to over 66 million unique monthly users. High Noon has successfully expanded its following thanks in large part to Barstool Sports and its vast media network, which includes podcasts, blogs, and social media platforms. High Noon has become the best-selling spirits-based hard seltzer in the US in 2020 thanks to this exposure as well as the brand’s distinctive attributes.

Production and Distribution

To generate its distinctive hard seltzer taste, High Noon’s manufacturing method comprises of combining distilled alcohol with carbonated water and natural flavors. The company’s hard seltzers are created with an alcohol base devoid of gluten, guaranteeing consumers a high-quality product. Regarding distribution, High Noon’s goods may be found in a variety of on- and off-premise locations, such as bars, eateries, liquor shops, and online marketplaces.

Who owns High Noon?

Finally, it should be noted that E. & J. Gallo Winery owns High Noon, not Dave Portnoy or Barstool Sports. The agreement between the two businesses is focused on marketing and media collaboration rather than ownership, even though Barstool Sports has been crucial in promoting the brand and increasing its reach. High Noon’s distinctive attributes, fruitful relationship, and the know-how of its parent business, E. & J. Gallo, all contribute to its continuous success as it continues to create waves in the hard seltzer industry.

High Noon

Lesser Known Facts

  • High Noon is owned by the renowned wine and alcohol firm E. & J. Gallo Winery.
  • E. & J. Gallo launched High Noon in 2019 and it immediately rose to the top of the best-selling hard seltzer brands in the US.
  • To expand brand awareness and reach a larger audience, it partnered with renowned sports media business Barstool Sports in 2020.
  • High Noon was heavily promoted by Barstool Sports, however, the hard seltzer brand is not theirs.
  • Through its collaboration with Barstool Sports, High Noon was able to reach more than 66 million unique users per month.
  • It sets itself apart from other hard seltzer manufacturers by combining actual juice and vodka in its drinks, giving them a more genuine and natural taste.
  • The company sells a variety of tastes, including peach, black cherry, grapefruit, lime, pineapple, and watermelon.
  • Its hard seltzers are devoid of gluten, making them a popular option for people who are sensitive to it or who are concerned about their health.


Q: Who is High Noon’s owner?

A: It is owned by the renowned wine and alcohol firm E. & J. Gallo Winery.

Q: Does Barstool Sports or Dave Portnoy own High Noon?

A: High Noon is not owned by Dave Portnoy or Barstool Sports. E. & J. Gallo Winery is the rightful owner.

Q: What connection exists between Barstool Sports and High Noon?

The relationship between High Noon and Barstool Sports is centered on marketing and media cooperation. High Noon’s brand visibility has grown significantly thanks in large part to the promotion from Barstool Sports.

Q: What distinguishes High Noon from other kinds of hard seltzer?

A: It sets itself apart by employing real juice and real vodka in its drinks, giving consumers a more genuine and tasty experience. The product line is sugar-free and gluten-free as well.

Q: Does it have more sugar?

A: No, there isn’t any more sugar in it.

Q: Does it work for people who are allergic to gluten?

A: Yes, it’s free from gluten, making it a good option for anyone who has a sensitivity to the protein.

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