What Happened To Zion Harmon? Laced For a Season And Drugs

Zion Harmon Illness, Season, and Stats: Zion Harmon is a young athlete and star player in college basketball in the United States. He is famous for being a four-star recruit at Western Kentucky University. Recently, he has not appeared in basketball games and fans are worried about his whereabouts.

What Happened to Zion Harmon?

WKH player Zion is reportedly battling both psychiatric and drug misuse concerns. The confinement and control of the WKH player’s drug use have recently come up for controversy in the realm of online entertainment.

Many are expecting the success of the WKH point watch after being disappointed by the news. It was claimed that he consumed a substance that was laced from a young age and subsequently developed a drug addiction, which led to him gaining weight, neglecting his hygiene, and posting depressing content on his extensive social media networks.

Then, there was an apparent improvement, and it appeared that he was regaining some of his former self. He declared that he will restart his college career by transferring to the HBCU Bethune Cookman.

Zion Harmon

Is Zion Harmon Back?

He is finally back on the floor and is displaying some of his abilities. Of course, this wasn’t how Zion intended to begin his collegiate career, but seeing things turn around is encouraging for his supporters. Harmon will probably be able to develop into an HBCU superstar and, hopefully, steer clear of trouble.

Facts About Zion Harmon:

  • Zion has more than 230k followers on his Instagram account.
  • He stands at a height of 6 feet (1.82 m).
  • He has withdrawn from the Hilltoppers program.
  • At the Nike Elite Youth Basketball League, he was the first student in the seventh grade to participate.

Frequently Asked Questions About Zion

  1. Who is Zion Harmon?

Zion Harmon is a college basketball player from the United States.

   2. What happened to Zion Harmon?

He was having psychological concerns reportedly due to drug misuse.

    3. How tall is Zion Harmon?

Zion is 6 feet tall.

4. Does Zion Harmon have psychological issues?

The details about his mental health are yet to be disclosed officially.

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